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New Warzone Map Leak Has Game-Changing Feature

An insider has shared important details regarding a new Warzone map leak which could have game-changing consequences. Here’s everything we know so far.

A new rumor is currently circulating regarding a new map for Call of Duty: Warzone. Although rumors and leaks are few and far between, one credible source has shined some light on the rumored expansion.

Activision has been quiet regarding a new map for Warzone, however, this doesn’t mean it isn’t in the works. Interestingly, a new Warzone map is the topic of conversation for most Warzone players at the moment.

As always, it’s important to take any rumor or leak lightly. Furthermore, leaks can quickly become outdated, especially with games like Warzone which are subject to quick changes.

New Warzone Map Leak

A new Warzone map leak has emerged which could provide game-changing details for the popular battle royale game. Interestingly, it involves a feature that has never been seen before in Warzone.

The popular free-to-play battle royale could be introducing a brand new feature in the latest map. Credible source ModernWarzone has shared details of the new map on Twitter.

The new Warzone map leak is quite surprising. ModernWarzone mentions that the new map will function very differently from the previous map and it might not be to every players liking.

The leak involves the name of a new in-game location, the Chemical Labs. Interestingly, ModernWarzone mentions that this location will bring with it a completely new feature.

New Warzone Map Leak
Source: Activision

The feature in question revolves around environmental effects. It could be that players will not only have to fight against other players, but they might also have to be aware of environmental hazards too.

Furthermore, ModernWarzone states, “from what I’ve seen there seems to be some sort of environmental effect near this location”. ‘Chemical Labs’ does seem an apt name for some sort of chemical or radioactive leak.

If the leak is correct, this will mean that players will have new ways to take out the competition. Perhaps you could force your opponent into a tricky situation.

Interestingly, this could signal that there may be more in-game locations that feature environmental effects, similar to ‘Chemical Labs’. Maybe there will be other hazards for players to exploit or avoid.

There could even be bigger loot drops available at this location, with added risk versus reward gameplay. Either way, the new Warzone map leak, if true, will certainly impact the way in which Warzone is played.

It is worth mentioning that ModernWarzone states that this “could be scrapped by now as well”. It’s important to bear this in mind with any leak or rumor, however, it could still make an appearance.

Call of Duty: Warzone Changes

The new Warzone map leak is certainly exciting for Call of Duty fans. However, the game itself is still plagued with a number of issues that are greatly affecting player’s enjoyment.

Firstly, cheating in Warzone has reached new heights with players and popular streamers alike reporting a ridiculous level of cheats and hacks.

Interestingly, one Warzone streamer has reportedly lost to cheaters over 1000 times. It shows that the problem is rampant and little is being done about it.

A lack of communication and transparency from Activision has led to some frustration too. Although Activision confirmed a Warzone anti-cheat system and banned over 60,000 cheaters, some say that this is a weak effort.

Warzone has a whopping 75 million players, therefore some say 60,000 bans is not significant enough to cause any real change. Players will have to see what further action Activision take.

Warzone Battle Royale
Source: Activision

Some have even reported that Warzone’s new anti-cheat system is banning innocent players. Obviously, this has led to frustration from some players.

If that wasn’t enough, some Warzone players want stims removed from the game. The popular tactical item has caused a whole host of issues since the game’s release.

The infamous stim exploit is certainly frustrating to play against. If you are struggling with Warzone at the moment you could always make the switch to Cold War for the time being.

The Black Ops Cold War update is live now. Here’s how to turn the power on in Firebase Z and how to Pack-A-Punch weapons. You’ll need to be able to do this in order to survive.

Finally, if you want to take a look at ModernWarzone’s tweet for yourself, you can read about the new Warzone map leak here.

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