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New Warzone Map Coming With Every Future Call of Duty Game

A new leak has revealed that upcoming Call of Duty games will all add a new map to Warzone.

Warzone players have dropped into Verdansk for over a year now. While it is a great battle royale map, the fans are now ready for a change.

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding a new Warzone map. However, there is now some huge news about the future of Warzone for years to come.

Warzone skydive

Multiple New Maps Coming to Warzone

Players can expect the first new full-sized Warzone map soon, following a number of leaks. The first image of the map was revealed, and this was quickly followed by details about the player count and locations in the new map.

After the latest easter egg hinting that Verdansk will be destroyed, a new Warzone map seems closer than ever.

However, a new leak from Modern Warzone, which revealed the working title and setting of Call of Duty 2021, has also revealed that Warzone fans can expect more than one new map in the future.

Warzone plane

Modern Warzone reports: “Each and every Call of Duty title for at LEAST the next 5 years will have its own footprint on Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War’s weapons and operators were previously added into Warzone and a new map based off of Cold War will be added soon as well. Therefore, it is likely that every Call of Duty game in the next few years will also add a new map, weapons, and operators into the battle royale game too.

This makes sense considering that Warzone will be Activision’s top priority “for a long time”. Hopefully, this leak is accurate and players will have loads of new locations to drop into in the coming years.

warzone squad

Meanwhile, Warzone players are calling the game “unplayable” in Season 2. Why is this?

Also, find out when Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Reloaded releases. This might be too early for a new Warzone map, but it should have loads of new content.

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