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New Warzone Map Details Leak Ahead of Launch

Since March, Warzone players have been enjoying battling it out on Verdansk, however, a new leak reveals details about the game’s upcoming map.

As a battle royale, Warzone is certainly up there with the best of them. However, if there’s one thing we can say for certain that the game is missing, it’s a lack of variety.

And we’re not just talking about weaponry. Although lately, the DMR was nerfed so minorly that players are wondering whether it even happened.

Although Verdansk is a revolutionary and varied map, we’re coming up to a year playing in the area. Rebirth Island is a nice addition, but it pales in comparison to the huge Verdansk map.

verdansk warzone map new details leak
(Source: Activision)

Now, new leaks are revealing details about the upcoming second major Warzone map. And by all accounts, it looks like something to be excited about.

New Warzone Map Details Leak

A new leak appears to reveal several new details for the new Warzone map, which is rumored to launch on the battle royale’s first anniversary. The following details are far from confirmed, but they’re coming from a reliable source.

According to ModernWarzone on Twitter, a reliable Call of Duty leaker, the new Warzone map will be a combination of Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam maps. Just like Ground War in Modern Warfare used aspects of Verdansk, Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps will make up the new map.

And interestingly, a new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb map is just about to drop. When Sanatorium launches on January 14, players will get a sneak preview of the upcoming Warzone map.

A separate leak also indicates that the lake on Sanatorium is one that was previously leaked to be coming to Warzone. This means that the new battle royale map will likely include both swimming mechanics and water vehicles.

What’s more, the new Warzone map will be an “8×8 grid sized map.” For reference, Verdansk is an approximately 9×9 size map, but its playable area is around 6.5×7.

And in that 8×8 area, players will find some interesting new locations.

New Warzone Map Points of Interest Leak

Besides areas like Sanatorium and the existing Fireteam maps, there will be other new Points of Interest (POI) to discover. One such location that ModernWarzone also leaks is called Zoo.

We don’t know much about Zoo at present, other than the fact that it’s directly in the new Warzone map center. Also in this area, players will find the Ruka POI.

Ruka is an area at the opposite end of the Sanatorium lake, so we may catch a glimpse of it when the new Fireteam map launches next week.

Here’s what else to expect in the Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season 1 update.

We think many fans are currently being put off the battle royale, thanks to Warzone’s biggest issues. And with a new Warzone glitch putting even NICKMERCS off tournament play, you know something is going wrong.

With some of Warzone’s biggest streamers manipulating SBMM, the game needs some serious fixes before the new map launch.

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