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New Warzone Map Changes Leaked – 1980s Verdansk Differences

The changes coming in the new Warzone map have been revealed, and this will shake up Warzone more than ever before!

Warzone players have been waiting for a new map for what seems like forever. However, it finally seems to be within touching distance now.

A Warzone leaker has now revealed what map changes players can expect before the map even drops.

Verdansk House

Warzone 1980s Verdansk Map Revealed?

In case you didn’t know already, it looks fairly certain the new Warzone map will be a 1980s version of Verdansk. A leaked Warzone trailer revealed the 1980s version of Verdansk, including new POIs.

This 1980s Verdansk map was further teased in a new Black Ops Cold War and Warzone cinematic that was released just last week.

However, a leaker has now revealed the details on what changes we can expect to the new Warzone map.

The leak by Spanish account @InfoCoDES_2 and reposted in English by @CallofDutyHope reveals a number of changes coming to the familiar Verdansk map when it gets its 1980s makeover…

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verdansk warzone map

Modern Verdansk Vs 1980s Verdansk

Firstly, there will apparently be 6 new “zones” in the new Verdansk. This could include some of the leaked POIs coming in the new Warzone map.

Secondly, some familiar spots will undergo pretty drastic changes for the new Warzone map. Apparently, the surroundings of Superstore will change “quite a bit” and Port will have a totally new design.

It’s good that these popular areas of the map will be refreshed, to stop the game from being stale.

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Finally, Downtown will apparently be almost the same, but with more of the buildings under construction. This will mean the buildings will have more entrances, hopefully stopping the frustrating roof campers.

While Activision has not announced the release date of the new map, it could be dropping at the start of Warzone Season 3! Check out our Warzone Season 3 Countdown & Pre-Load Guide.

Warzone Superstore

Also, the early patch notes for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3 have arrived. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention the changes in the new map Warzone yet.

There is plenty of new content in Black Ops cold War and Warzone Season 3 for players to unlock too:

Finally, Call of Duty weapons tester JGOD has revealed what he thinks will be the Warzone season 3 meta guns.

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