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New Warzone Leak Reveals Upcoming Vehicle in Verdansk ’84

A new Warzone leak has revealed a vehicle that could be coming to the game soon.

Vehicles are a huge part of Warzone. Whether it’s a helicopter to take you to the peak of Summit or an ATV to slalom through Downtown, they are vital for map rotations.

However, the only new driveable transport that has come to Warzone so far was the attack helicopter. Although this was quickly removed after players found an exploit that let them become invisible when using the miniguns.

While it doesn’t look like the attack helicopter will return any time soon, a new leak has revealed that another vehicle could arrive in Verdansk in the near future.


New Warzone Motorbike Vehicle?

A new leak from Warzone dataminer @ZestyCODLeaks has revealed that a new vehicle could be coming to Warzone soon.

They have revealed that with the Season 3 update for Warzone, some new vehicle animations were added, revealing that a motorbike could be coming to Verdansk ’84 soon.

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While this may not be the most exciting addition at first glance, this new vehicle could be very fun indeed.

Warzone Armored Royale

Motorcycles will probably go faster than the four-wheeled vehicles in Warzone and will also be a lot more agile. The datamined code also suggests that you will be able to carry a passenger on the motorbike too!

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Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if this leak is true it could help keep Verdansk ’84 fresh. Would you want to see a motorbike come to Warzone?

Also, in case you missed it, the mysterious statue next to Stadium has finally been unveiled.

Meanwhile, in addition to a new vehicle, Warzone could also be getting a load of cool new skins based off of ’80s action movie stars.

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