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New Warzone Hacks Are The Most Powerful Yet

These new Warzone hacks are getting totally ridiculous now!

Cheating is a major problem for any competitive multiplayer game. However, Warzone seems to have more than its fair share of hackers.

Almost everyone who has played Warzone has encountered players using aimbots or wallhacks. However, this one Warzone cheater was found using new hacks that way almost unbeatable!

Warzone Season 2

Are Warzone Hacks Getting Worse?

Players have been complaining for a long time that cheating in Warzone is the worst it has ever been. This cheater’s new Warzone hacks might just be the proof.

A new clip shared on Twitter by @Yungstaz6 shows a Warzone hacker using some extremely overpowered cheats. This is in addition to an aimbot!

Firstly, he can use night vision goggles, which aren’t even in the game! He would certainly have no trouble spotting those near-invisible Roze skins that players want to be removed.

Warzone Sniper

Secondly, the cheater seems to have a hack that live pings enemies automatically. This is incredibly overpowered as it lets him know the location of all the opposing players and shoot them through walls.

Somehow he hasn’t been banned despite Activision’s zero-tolerance policy for hackers in Warzone.

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Luckily, the player who spectated this hacker managed to speak to him after the game. The hacker revealed that he made the hacks himself and that he didn’t buy them from a website.

He also said that he doesn’t sell the hacks he makes. Hopefully, this means that hacks like this won’t become common in Warzone.

Meanwhile, players have found the first hint for the 1980s Verdansk map in Warzone. This could be the biggest update Warzone has ever seen!

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