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Frustrating New Warzone Glitch Is Stealing Wins From Players

A new glitch in Warzone is stealing wins and causing the last team standing to come 2nd in games, even if nobody else is on the map!

Battle royale games are all about being the last man standing. Of course, it’s nice to get a load of kills too, but getting the victory is more important than anything else.

However, a new Warzone glitch has been stealing wins from many deserving squads in Season 4. Why is this happening and what is causing it?

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call of duty warzone gas mask

Are The Infinite Gas Mask & Stim Glitch Back in Warzone Season 4?

There have been plenty of problems with the final circles in Warzone before. Most notably, an infinite stim glitch that lets players stay in the gas forever has ruined the game on multiple occasions.

Players have even pleaded for the stim to be removed from Warzone entirely to stop this exploit.

Similarly, players have also suffered from an unbreakable gas mask bug which also lets players get easy wins by staying in the gas forever. Although Raven also fixed this unlimited gas mask issue in a recent update.

Yesterday, Redditor Funny2Who shared a clip of his team dying in the tiny final circle in Warzone to what was seemingly one of these glitches. However, it was in fact a new glitch that robbed his team of a win…

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Spectator Problem Is Stealing Warzone Victories in Season 4

Despite this looking like a trademark instance of the infinite stim glitch or unbreakable gas mask bug, an eagle-eyed commenter pointed out what actually caused this stolen win. It is a relatively new bug in Warzone where no team wins at all.

This is caused sometimes by players being stuck in spectator mode, but the game still counting them as alive. The CODTracker info from the game in question showed that there was, in fact, no winner, backing this theory up.

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Hopefully, Warzone developer Raven Software fixes this issue soon as taking wins away will get the player base very frustrated.

Warzone Season 4

In other news, there are also a number of different bugs causing problems in Warzone Season 4. Most notably, some sniper scopes have no glint again!

Also, there’s a major problem with the mysterious new doorways around Verdansk. Warzone’s Red Doors are disappearing before players can use them.

Finally, make sure to claim a free anime weapon blueprint in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone.

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