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New Warzone Glitch Leaves Player Walking on Walls

One of the stranger glitches to rear their head in Call of Duty: Warzone leaves one player walking sideways in the air.

Warzone is known to suffer from the odd glitch from time to time, but this is on a whole other level. After crashing his vehicle, YouTuber Nater999 is left stranded on his side.

Strangely enough, the user never rights his vision, choosing instead to remain permanently sideways. For the remainder of the match, Nater999 experiences what it would be like if Warzone had a crossover with Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Despite his precarious situation, the player is still able to run around in-game as normal. They are, however, forced to deal with a topsy-turvy world that is much harder to navigate.

Unfortunately for us, we don’t get to see the user in an actual gunfight. We can only imagine the results would hilarious, if rather one-sided.

Are Warzone’s Vehicles Broken?

This strange new vehicle bug appears to have spawned from Warzone’s recent car-exiting mechanics. Some players are reporting that they are often facing the opposite direction when getting out of a vehicle.

This is proving to be a nightmare to Call of Duty fans, who are often left confused before being killed. Perhaps it’s this unique bug that caused Nater999 to end up permanently on his side.

Although the player’s feet couldn’t touch the floor, he was still able to move and navigate his way into a nearby building. The clip ends with him having made his way upstairs, so we don’t get to know if others in-game witnessed the bizarre sideways soldier.

We’d love to know if those others viewing the situation would see a normal, upright soldier. It’s entertaining to think that they could instead witness the user running through the air.

Nater999 did have an audience, however, in the form of his dead squadmates. He was even able to record the process in order to show off the new Warzone glitch to Activision.

We’d imagine that the game’s development team is a little busy at the moment, dealing with this morning’s Warzone servers DDoS attack.

It seems that Warzone Season 6 is host to a range of new bugs that we’ve never seen before. Many players are reporting frequent crashes, and the Warzone Season 6 Subways have already broken the game once.

Hopefully, Activision can get their act together soon and we’ll go back to enjoying Warzone’s standard level of bugginess.