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New Warzone Easter Egg Teases Upcoming Nova 6 Event

There’s a new secret Easter egg to discover in Warzone that appears to set the stage for a future event.

It’s been a while since the last major Warzone event, and players are itching to see what happens next. After the unprecedented events of Cold War’s Warzone integration, the two games have merging storylines to tackle.

Now, players are beginning to see a breadcrumb trail that leads towards an upcoming limited-time mode, or perhaps something larger althogether.

warzone Verdansk
(Source: Activision)

We don’t know exactly what this new Warzone Easter egg means just yet, but we’re excited at the thought of new content.

But not nearly as excited as we are that a new teaser for a Warzone Zombies mode is also appearing in-game.

Rebirth Island Easter Egg Teases Nova 6 Gas in Warzone

When playing a game on Warzone’s Rebirth Island, players are discovering a secret new Easter egg in the form of a radio transmission.

This radio transmission only appears in certain areas of the Rebirth Island map, and teases a future update to the battle royale. Some of the transmissions that players are hearing have a message hidden within them.

According to a Discord post, shared by Twitch streamer Geeky Pastimes, something is definitely happening in Verdansk. The hidden messages appear to reveal an upcoming shipment heading from Rebirth Island to the original Warzone map.

It’s only natural to assume that the Vodyanoy ship will be sending Nova Gas over to Verdansk. After all, Rebirth Island is the area where the destructive substance is created.

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The ship in question is actually visible from Rebirth Island, giving further fuel to this theory.

This incoming delivery does fit in with a recent Warzone leak that details major map changes. It looks like Nova 6 may well be appearing in sections of the Warzone map.

We also saw a tease for this in the Warzone finale cutscene, where Soap MacTavish referenced trouble “half a klick off the coast.”

It could be that this upcoming event is the one to finally merge the two storylines for good.

After all, Warzone and Cold War Season 2’s trailer suggests that new content is just around the corner. All we can do is wait and see what happens next.

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