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New Warzone Dev Errors Are Crashing Games, After Update

Warzone has a load of new Dev Errors that are crashing games.

Warzone players have had to deal with bugs and glitches for a long time. They even have to play against cheaters on a regular basis.

However, this problem is maybe the most annoying one Warzone players have had to face yet. A new host of Dev Errors are now crashing games of Warzone.

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Dev Error 6634

The first common Dev Error that Warzone players were experiencing was Dev Error 6634. This kicked players out of games and to the main menu.

Find out everything you need to know about Warzone Dev Error 6634 here.

This had been going on for around a week and is still a problem on consoles, but a new update has fixed Dev Error 6634 on PC.

Unfortunately, players are now experiencing even more numbered errors in Warzone. However, it is difficult to know what causes them as they all have the same effect.

Warzone Season 2

Every Dev Error in Warzone

In addition to the now infamous Dev Error 6634, there are a number of new errors ruining Warzone games. These are all of the ones we know about so far.

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Dev Error 6661

This seems to be the most common issue Warzone players are encountering after the update. This seems to affect players who are parachuting or in vehicles, but it is not known why it happens.

Dev Error 6328

A player encountered this Dev Error in Warzone’s Gulag. This is pretty frustrating but definitely not as bad as being killed by someone who has glitched into the Gulag with their loadout.

Dev Error 6034

This error popped up while a player was loading into a game of Warzone.

Dev Error 6036

Another Dev Error that happened while loading into a game of Warzone.

Dev Error 6068

Meanwhile, this error seemed to occur while watching a killcam in Warzone.

Hopefully, Raven Software will fix these issues in Warzone soon as it is making the game totally unplayable for many. Between this and the rampant cheating in Warzone that is getting worse, the developer has a lot to work on.

Meanwhile, Activision has hinted at the end of Verdansk as well as more live events coming in Warzone year 2.

Also, a member of the community has explained exactly how SBMM works in Warzone.

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Tuesday 13th of April 2021

My console keeps crashing on loading screen, no error. Xbox one