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Here Are All the New Warzone Cosmetic Bundles in Update 1.29

Infinity Ward added 13 new purchasable bundles to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone in Update 1.29.

The new bundles include between three and ten items and cost between 500 and 2,400 COD points.

Each bundle includes weapon, vehicle, and operator skins and

Warzone Diving In
(Source: Call of Duty)

This cosmetic bundle is expected to be one of the final ones added before the game combines with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. When that happens, the guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will be available in the battle royale game mode.

With the bundle having been out for a day, it seems as though the Sgt. Griggs Operator bundle is the most popular. Out of the other bundles, it has the most YouTube videos and tweets about it.

Cosmetic Bundles in 1.29

Amethyst Assassin

  • Arachnis, legendary operator skin
  • Gloxinia, legendary weapon skin
  • Dianthus, legendary weapon skin
  • Balisong, legendary weapon skin
  • Amethyst, epic charm
  • To The Light, epic operator quip
  • Winged Torment, epic emblem
  • Shadow Corps, epic calling card
  • Cruel Jewel, epic spray
  • Crystal Cluster, epic sticker

Death's grip

  • Last Gasp, rare weapon skin
  • The Unseen, epic calling card
  • Silent Strike, epic emblem

Explosive Ordnance

  • Salvo, epic operator skin
  • Crazy Train, legendary weapon
  • Kursk, epic vehicle skin
  • Arracourt, epic vehicle skin
  • Dead Circuit, epic calling card
  • Mechanized War, epic emblem
  • Fatal Blast, rare spray

Mara No Place Like Home

  • Dorothy, legendary operator skin
  • Homecoming, legendary weapon skin
  • Boq, legendary weapon skin
  • Toto, legendary finishing move
  • Witchy Woman, epic charm
  • Friends, epic operator quip
  • Winged Monkey, epic sticker
  • Cyclone, epic calling card
  • Emerald City, epic emblem
  • Wicked Witch, epic spray

Munchies 2

  • Tonkotsu, rare weapon skin
  • Shoyu, rare weapon skin
  • Soup Spoon, epic charm
  • Chow Time, rare calling card
  • Wet Noodle, rare emblem

Neon Nights IV

  • Valerie, rare weapon
  • Outrun, rare sticker
  • Best Fronds, rare charm

Nikto: Brainless

  • Scarecrow, legendary operator skin
  • Straw Man, legendary weapon skin
  • Genius, epic charm
  • Fate, epic operator quip
  • Crow Keeper, epic calling card
  • Watchful Eye, epic charm
  • Search for Wisdom, epic spray

Nova Ambrosia

  • Revati, epic weapon skin
  • Night Light, epic calling card
  • A Flare for Fighting, rare emblem

Sgt. Griggs Operator Bundle

  • Sarge, legendary operator skin
  • War Pig, legendary weapon skin
  • Ultimatum, legendary weapon skin
  • Auxiliary, epic weapon skin
  • Griggs, epic charm
  • Step Aside, epic finishing move
  • CRUSH!, epic sticker
  • Cool as You Like, epic calling card
  • Fighting in the War Room, epic calling card
  • Bad Dog, epic emblem

Something Fierce

  • Seonee, rare weapon skin
  • Ready to Pounce, epic calling card
  • No Paper Tigers, epic emblem

The Spoiler

  • Grand Chelem epic weapon skin
  • Short Shift epic weapon skin
  • The Race Is On, epic calling card

Tracer Pack: Sakura Edition

  • Maruyama, legendary weapon skin
  • Himeji, legendary weapon skin
  • Sakura Zensen, epic watch
  • Gunbai, epic charm
  • Bonsai, epic sticker

XRK Reserve Collection

  • Crowning Glory, legendary weapon skin
  • Prestige, legendary weapon skin
  • Prime Time, epic charm
  • XRK, epic sticker
  • Belt Fed, epic calling card
  • The Reserves, epic emblem

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