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New Warzone & Cold War Cinematic Leaks, Hints at 1980s Verdansk Map

An exciting new cinematic for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War has been leaked.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players have been following the story of Adler’s capture since the beginning of Season 1. Now, a leaker has shared the latest cutscene continuing the story online.

Find out where the story will go next and also a hint at what’s coming to Warzone soon in the leaked cinematic.

warzone season 2

Warzone & Cold War Cutscene Revealed

Dataminer @_Nanikos_ has leaked a new Black Ops Cold War and Warzone cutscene online. It is thought to be a delayed mid-season 2 cutscene and should be released in the game very soon.

The cinematic picks up where the Season 2 trailer left off. Woods and his team, featuring new operators Wolf and Rivas are on the trail of Adler.

The cinematic shows the team go to the latest Cold War multiplayer map Apocalypse. There, they find a deserted interrogation room and also discover that the Nova 6 was just a distraction to capture Adler.

Players can also get a glimpse of fan-favorite character and upcoming Season 3 operator Mason in the clip too, before a big reveal…

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Black Ops Cold War Frank Woods

1980s Verdansk Warzone Map Coming Soon?

The leaked Warzone and Cold War cinematic ends with Woods’ squad heading off to Verdansk. This is the perfect lead to tie into the upcoming 1980s Verdansk Warzone map.

Players have also found the first in-game hint for 1980s Verdansk, so it must be on the horizon now!

However, before Warzone players can drop into a version of Verdansk from the past, the nuke event is finally happening! Find out the Warzone nuke event date and time here.

UPDATE: The original post of the leaked Warzone and Cold War cinematic from @_Nanikos_was taken down. Other people have since re-uploaded it.

Meanwhile, this updated AUG loadout shows that it is still one of the most powerful guns in Warzone. Make sure to try it out!

Finally, Raven Software has released an update on Warzone’s anti-cheat system. But is it enough considering that Warzone cheaters are now using even more powerful hacks.

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