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New Warzone Bug Unlocks Game’s Most Overpowered Skin for Free

Warzone’s new update contains a bug which appears to unlock the game’s most overpowered skin for free.

When it comes to cosmetics, Warzone appears to spend more time on its store than it does on weapon balancing. Of course, to get your hands on some of the battle royale’s best cosmetics, you’ll need to fork out some real cash.

That is, unless your game decides to bug out and give you Warzone’s most overpowered skin for free.

This new Warzone update is definitely having some issues right now. After all, there’s a new broken Warzone weapon with the lowest TTK ever ruining the game.

roze skin warzone
(Source: Activision)

But on top of that, we’re seeing players abuse the new Radiation Zones for a ‘legit’ infinite Stim glitch. And Warzone players can even turn into a zombie and STILL win the battle royale – but we’re not mad about that one.

And another thing we’re not particularly angry about is the new bug giving out Warzone skins for free.

Roze and Other Warzone Skins Unlocked for Free in New Bug

There’s a new bug in Warzone and it’s giving out the notorious Roze ‘Rook’ Skin for free, amongst other unlocks.

In case you missed it, Roze’s Rook skin is the most overpowered skin in Warzone. It’s actually one of the game’s top complaints, as the all-black cosmetic allows players to camp in a corner and be basically invisible.

Although it seems as though everyone was already running the game’s most overpowered skin, Rook was actually the Tier 100 reward for the Season 5 Battle Pass. Thankfully, it’s been impossible to get hold of the cosmetic since, although many players want Warzone’s Roze skin removed completely.

However, new reports indicate that Activision could be unlocking the skin for all players. Either that, or there’s a strange Warzone bug that’s unlocking the overpowered skin for free.

Warzone Most Overpowered Skin
(Source: Activision)

In a new tweet by streamer Geeky Pastimes, the Warzone content creator reports that he now has a bunch of new free skins in-game.

“I seem to suddenly have a bunch of skins unlocked in Warzone without doing anything,” Geeky Pastimes writes. “Like the Roze skin, I didn’t ever finish that battle pass.”

Jackfrags, another popular YouTuber, speculates that Activision is trying to fix Warzone’s visibility issues by leveling the playing field. After all, if everyone has the skin, there’s less reason to complain about it.

If everyone is indeed getting new skins, and more players than ever are running Roze’s Rook appearance, prepare for the end of days in Warzone. Even more so when people are running the best full-auto Akimbo Sykov in Warzone that’s currently the new meta.

However, there’s something strange happening to many players’ Warzone stats too. And with a new Warzone Season 3 cinematic leaking early, there’s definitely some major changes on the horizon.

We’re only days away from the new 1980s Verdansk Warzone map’s release! And we already know the exact date and time for Warzone’s long-awaited Nuke event.

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