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New Warzone Bug has Broken Cold War Gun Reloads

There’s a new bug of the day for Warzone, and this time players are finding their Cold War gun reloads completely broken.

With the addition of Black Ops Cold War’s roster of weaponry, Warzone now has more options than ever to pick from. But it’s hard to choose a Cold War-era gun over the more modern variants, especially when they’re offering broken reloads.

Despite Cold War weapons dominating our list of best guns to use in Warzone’s Rebirth Island, you may want to steer clear for a while. This is because there’s a new reload bug that seems only to apply to the new Cold War guns.

Broken Cold War Warzone Reloads
(Source: Activision)

This is certainly not helping with the fact that Modern Warfare players are angry at Cold War’s forced inclusion.

Cold War Weapons Reloads Are Broken in Warzone

Players dropping in to Call of Duty’s signature battle royale will almost certainly notice the broken reloads. According to players on the game’s subreddit, attempting to reload an empty Cold War weapon is a recipe for disaster.

Despite going through the full reload animation, it appears that many users are finding their weapons still completely devoid of ammunition. In fact, in some particularly bad examples, it seems necessary to reload your gun more than a few times before the bug disappears.

Best Gun in Warzone Broken Reload
(Source: Treyarch)

This obviously creates a significant disadvantage to those making use of their favorite Cold War guns. But that’s not the only way that reloads differ when it comes to the older weaponry.

As one Reddit user points out, Cold War weapons have one distinctive difference from their Modern Warfare counterparts.

For every Cold War weapon performing a reload from empty requires you to complete the entire animation no exceptions, unlike the weaponry from Modern Warfare which is cancellable at any point after the magazine is inserted.

This means that you have to ensure that your animation is completely done when utilizing a Cold War weapon. It’s possible that this feature is what’s leading to the new reload bug right now.

How to Fix Warzone Reloading Bug

Some fans are reporting a temporary solution for the Cold War weapon reload bug. By refraining from sprinting or sliding, or even moving too much after reloading, players can ensure that their weapons don’t immediately empty themselves once again.

However, this is far from a viable solution in the fast-paced action that comes hand-in-hand with Warzone.

This isn’t the only issue that Warzone has been having after incorporating Cold War content, either. And despite a new patch, players are still getting stuck on freezing Warzone loadouts.

In the last few days, fans have also seen the return of the infamous Warzone infinite Stim glitch. There have also been issues with invisible Warzone players running around the map.

Despite Warzone’s best gun coming from Cold War, it’s clear that the new season isn’t worth the hassle. Hopefully, the game will soon get a fix and be playable once again.

After all, there are a lot of fans trying to enjoy their Christmas Double XP in Call of Duty.

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