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New Insane Warzone Clip Highlights the Game’s Best Weapon

There’s a new Warzone clip going around that shows off the battle royale’s best new weapon in a major way.

When Black Ops Cold War integrated with Warzone, the battle royale got a tremendous content drop. Now, just days after the launch of Rebirth Island, players are already figuring out which weapons need a nerf.

The other day we thought we discovered the best weapon in Warzone, thanks to the Cold War Battle Pass. However, everything has changed lately, as players discover that one Tactical Rifle outshines the competition completely.

Best Weapon in Warzone
(Source: Treyarch)

It seems that the transition to Warzone has made the DMR 14 a little too powerful…

DMR 14 – The Best Weapon in Warzone?

In a new clip, it’s clear to see that the DMR 14 may very well be the best weapon in Warzone. Previously, we ranked the gun as number 3 on our list of best weapons for Rebirth Island.

However, given the incredible power of the DMR 14 at range, it may well take first place in an overall Warzone tier list. Twitch streamer AverageJoeWo shows off the powerful potential of the Tactical Rifle below in a recent stream clip.

DMR 14 Best Gun in Warzone
(Source: Activision)

Despite going up against a whole enemy squad, the Warzone player wipes out the competition with a series of well-placed DMR shots. Unbelievably, the streamer is able to down all 4 enemies with a single clip.

It seems with the right loadout, the DMR 14 is unstoppable in Warzone. And we’ve got the best Warzone DMR 14 loadout right here, for your viewing pleasure.

The semi-automatic weapon is powerful in Cold War Multiplayer too, of course. But its translation to Warzone appears to have been made a little overpowered, from what we can see.

If the MAC-10 is king at close to medium range, the DMR 14 is certainly the best at medium to long ranges.

Of course, right now it’s getting hard to use any Cold War weapons in the battle royale whatsoever. The reason being that a new Warzone bug appears to have broken Black Ops Cold War guns’ reload animations.

If Black Ops guns keep being dominant in Warzone, Activision will only continue to make Modern Warfare players angry at Cold War. Hopefully, with time, the battle royale will be in a better state balance-wise.

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