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New Vanguard Beta Survey Asks for Player Feedback Before Launch

A new Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta feedback survey is online, with Sledgehammer Games looking to improve all game areas.

Now that the Vanguard Beta has officially ended, Sledgehammer Games is constantly asking the community for feedback.

Sledgehammer quickly addressed most of the game-breaking issues in the Vanguard Beta, but some of them need more time to polish.

Source: Activision

Vanguard Beta Survey: Matchmaking, Customization, Multiplayer Maps, and More

Sledgehammer Games sent the survey to selected players who participated in the Beta, leaving many fans anxious to receive theirs.

The list includes critical parts of the Vanguard Multiplayer experience, but one that sticks out is multiplayer maps. After all, we know that Vanguard’s DLC is extremely remake-heavy!

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Check below for a list of the main feedback points for the Vanguard multiplayer Beta.

Core Multiplayer.

  • Team / Weapon Balance
  • Competitive / League Play
  • Progession system
  • Matchmaking
  • Multiplayer game modes
  • Maps
  • General innovation / new features
  • New PC Anti-Cheat

Game Story and Setting.

  • Story
  • World War 2
  • Setting
  • Visuals


  • Technical
  • Perfomance
  • Engine Specifications
  • Platform Balance (Console vs. PC)
  • Cross-Play Support

The first section of the survey asks players to chose the top 3 features they would be interested in seeing revealed before launch.

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The PC Anti-Cheat for Warzone is confirmed to come alongside the brand new Warzone map later this year. Activision is confident in new anti-cheat, even though hackers are “ruining” the game and still running rampant.

Make sure to check out a significant new update to Warzone’s Iron Trials Mode.

Feedback for TTK, Maps, Game Modes in Vanguard Survey

Some other options related to maps, TTK, and play-style are listed below:

  • What did you think of the overall speed and pace of the match?
  • Thoughts on the weapons?
  • Do you like the time-to-kill (TTK)?

The community is divided on the TTK part of Vanguard, with many players saying they are happy but many others demanding the TTK increased.

One user on Twitter points out how to prepare for how divided the community is about Vanguard multiplayer’s Time To Kill. In fact, a low TTK was just one of Vanguard’s biggest issues in the Beta for many players.

You can find more screenshots of the survey posted by Twitter user TheGhostOfHope or fill out the Vanguard Beta survey yourself below!

Meanwhile, here’s why cheating is so common in Vanguard already! Of course, many Xbox users are unable to play Vanguard altogether, due to graphical errors and more.

That may not be a problem though, as Xbox users aren’t interested in Vanguard thanks to Halo and Battlefield 2042, according to new reports.

And players may soon discover that the real biggest issue with the game is that Vanguard won’t have a Zombies map at launch!

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