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New Valorant Update Expected to Fix Communication Abuse

Communication abuse in Valorant may soon be coming to an end. Riot Games recently confirmed the company is in the works of revamping the penalty system for toxic communication.

Toxic voice and text communication has plagued competitive Valorant since its release nearly one year ago.

This issue is especially present for women players who are attacked consistently and aggressively while playing Valorant.

Not long ago, Valorant developers promised changes to the major toxicity issue, but now we have specifics of this plan.

valorant communication abuse
Source: Riot Games

Communication is vital in competitive Valorant. When players choose to abuse voice or text chat, it causes significant frustration to other players and the team.

In an effort to make Valorant a more friendly environment, a developer promised changes are coming.

However, this isn't the only issue of toxicity plaguing Valorant. The community is fed up with the lack of leaver penalties in competitive play.

Current Punishments For Communication Abuse

As of now, players who are toxic or use excessive curse words in voice or text chat receive communication bans.

While this may be helpful to completely remove a toxic player from creating chaos in communication channels, it is detrimental to the competitive experience.

Communication is one of, if not the most, important aspects of competitive Valorant. Call-outs, call plays, and advice given through voice communication can be the make or break for a team.

When comm banned, players are still able to queue into competitive matches, leaving a significant hole in team communication.

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New Punishments for Voice and Text Abuse

Riot Games developer RiotBrighteyz recently confirmed in a comment on a Reddit post that changes are coming to the communication abuse punishment system.

The developer said that within the next major update or two, players should expect to receive a complete ban from competitive for abusing text or voice communication.

I hear you! We will be preventing players who have been penalized with chat and voice restrictions from playing rank in the next two to three patches. We are actively working on the tech, its taking a little bit longer than anticipated, but we are committed to building it. While we don't want to make it a requirement that you have to use voice comms in rank (some players may not feel comfortable using voice for a variety of reasons) we DO understand that having players who have already proven they can be highly disruptive with active restrictions in your rank games feels unfair, and we want to prevent that from happening in the near future. We'll also have additional comms coming out in the coming months around our overall plans to reduce disruptive behavior and make our penalty systems more robust.

Source: RiotBrighteyz on Reddit

This Riot Games developer admitted that the company is well aware of the major communication abuse situation. The developer said changes are coming soon to alleviate this issue.

The post also confirmed the developer is working on finding more solutions to the overall issue of toxicity.

While it is not completely clear exactly what this includes, it is a promising step in the right direction.

It is safe to say that toxic players will soon get what they deserve.

To combat toxicity even further, this new leak suggests Riot Games plans to fix an AFK issue in competitive.

But the developer has much on its plate already, as a new game-breaking Valorant glitch is breaking Ascent. There's also a new bug that lets Valorant players plant the Spike silently, which is causing mayhem in-game.

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