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New Valorant Raze Exploit Completely Breaks Ascent

In what has become a weekly tradition for Ascent, a player discovered yet another Raze exploit in Valorant.

Ascent has had some serious trouble with game-breaking glitches recently and players have had enough.

Just two weeks ago, a Raze satchel paired with the Omen shrouded step could teleport the Omen through the small window in B garage onto site.

Now, Reddit user Nikkyy discovered a brand new exploit that is sure to be a head-scratcher for the enemy team.

raze exploit on ascent
(Source: Riot Games)

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Exploits on Valorant's Ascent

Exploits on Ascent are no new concept to Valorant. Since the map's release in Episode 1, Act 3, it has been ridden with exploits and glitches.

These issues break the game in that they give a player a significant advantage over opponents.

Exploits such as the Jett updraft in A garden and the Sage and Killjoy combination on B site used by a professional team in a major tournament are just two examples of serious issues once in Ascent.

Although it does seem that Riot patched most of the exploits found, fans are disappointed seeing them so frequently.

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Game Breaking Raze Exploit on Ascent

In its four hours on Reddit at the time of this post, the raze exploit collected nearly 5,750 upvotes.

The post's author, Nikkyy called this exploit "very illegal" and said seemed to have posted it to get the attention of Riot Games to patch it.

The exploit, which requires Raze to have both of her satchels, basically puts her in a "God" spot. While in the exploit, Raze has a view of the entirety of the middle of the map, even some of the enemy spawn.

Another Reddit user cited the difficulty of pulling this off in the middle of a competitive match.

Not only does the Raze player need to perfectly land her satchel jumps, but she has to dodge the enemy team from spotting her.

Also, if Raze manages to get into the exploit, it is nearly impossible to return to the map without dying to fall damage.

Along with the patch expected for this exploit, Riot is expected to buff Viper's abilities and usefulness and Yoru will get a buff to one of his abilities as well.

Recently, a Valorant pro showed a similar OP strategy using Yoru's Blindside ability.

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