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New Ural Mountains Cold War Zombies Map Teased by Treyarch

Has Treyarch just teased a new Cold War Zombies map in the Ural Mountains?

It isn’t long since Firebase Z came to Cold War Zombies, but fans are still eager for more. Cold War only has two Zombies maps, so it makes sense that another will be on the way soon.

Luckily for fans, Treyarch has tweeted a teaser that could point to a new location for players to slay Zombies in. Although, there is some debate surrounding where this could be.

Black Ops Cold War Cranked in Zombies

New Cold War Zombies Map Teaser

Treyarch tweeted a new gif that could show part of the next Zombies map. It shows glimpses of a location surrounded by a swirling purple vortex.

Fans quickly noticed the chandelier in the teaser and immediately thought of the classic Zombies map Kino der Toten. However, this theory seems unlikely.

Leaks suggest that the next Cold War Zombies map is in the Ural Mountains. This is further backed up by some hidden information in Firebase Z.

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Ural Mountains Map Teaser?

The description of Treyarch’s tweet is “Breach scale: Large. Status: 0% contained”. This matches the description of the Ural Mountains given in a previous Zombies map.

In the Military Command Center in Firebase Z, players found a chalkboard that revealed a number of locations for potential Zombie outbreaks. The bottom one on the list states a large breach which is 0% contained, just like Treyarch’s tweet.

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The location of that breach is in the Ural Mountains, the setting of Cold War’s Fire Team maps. Therefore, even if the chandelier in the picture may look like Kino der Toten, it is more than likely pointing towards a new map entirely.

This new Ural Mountains map in Cold War Zombies could also potentially have something to do with the leaked Outbreak mode, which could be coming soon.

Treyarch Twitter

There is still no word on whether Warzone will be getting a new map in the Ural Mountains though. Find out everything we know so far about Warzone’s potential Ural Mountains map.

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