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New Ural Mountain Warzone Map Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

After weeks on confusion, leaks, and feverish hype, the new Ural Mountains Warzone map has leaked online.

Warzone is about to get a new map, something that’s allegedly happening this very month. But despite all the hype and the theories, we still have no official announcement from Activision.

All that might be about to change however, as Warzone’s new Ural Mountains map has now leaked in its entirety. Thanks to a new screenshot making the rounds on social media, we now know exactly what the new Warzone map will look like.

Warzone Season 2
(Source: Activision)

It should be pointed out that it seems that this is probably not the new Warzone map that’s coming later this month. Although leakers believe that this map is still on the way, a trailer leak indicates we’ll first be heading to a new 1980’s-themed version of Verdansk in Warzone.

Warzone: Ural Mountains Map Leak

At last, Warzone fans are getting a glimpse at the heavily-rumored Ural Mountains map, thanks to a new major leak.

We imagine that Activision will be quick to take this image down online, particularly if it’s legitimate. This looks to be the same map that we’ve been hearing about for months, consisting of a lot of merged Fireteam: Dirty Bomb maps.

In the image, we can see some of the Ural Mountains map’s major POIs, including Chemical Labs, Weather Station, Ski Slopes, Zoo, Ruka, Battery, Sanatorium, Golova, Duga, Mines, and more.

Incidentally, some of the Warzone 80’s Verdansk map POIs are also leaking early!

We actually have our first in-game screenshot of the Warzone Ural Mountains map here!

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According to past leaks, the Warzone map above will feature an increased player count, more POIs than ever, and more! We’re definitely ready to hear more about what’s coming to Activision’s biggest project.

Allegedly, this image might not be representative of our final product either. After all, the image is supposedly almost a a year old at this point.

We also have a new Warzone Rebirth Island night map on the way, if leaks are to be believed. It’s certainly an exciting time to be a battle royale fan!

And the game certainly needs a boost that a new map could offer. After all, Warzone Season 2 Reloaded was the worst update since the title’s launch last year.

(Source: ZestyCODLeaks)

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