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New UK PS5 Restock Is Dropping Right Now

There’s a new UK PS5 restock set to drop imminently and if you’re reading this, it’s probably active right now.

Recently, the UK has finally been getting its second wave of PS5 stock, after major delays prevented consoles from reaching the area.

Now, there’s finally a chance for UK residents to get their hands on a new PS5 console. But you’ll have to be quick if you want to be in with a chance at this dorp.

PS5 Restock 2021

According to new reports, a series of order cancellations are set to bring a lot more PS5s back into stock.

New PS5 Stock in the UK Today

An hour ago, Twitter user d_zekria informed us that they’d spoken with the support team at Currys PC World.

This UK retailer has famously been shaky with PS5 stock thus far. However, due to a few canceled orders, is set to have some more PlayStation 5 consoles in stock today.

The new PS5 restock will be going live in the next hour, if the support team is to be believed. So head over to the Currys website and spam refresh like your life depends on it!

But if you’re a little late to the game this time, we’ve got another way for you to get your hands on a PS5.

PS5 Stock Trackers

If you’re looking to be alerted the second new PS5 stock goes live, look no further than the following links:

Here Are Your PS5 Instant Stock Trackers:

Recently, a PS5 restock leaker revealed when millions of consoles will drop. Give it a few more weeks and the device will be readily available across the UK.

UPDATE: This offer is LIVE right now!

Right now, those in the UK can enjoy heavy PS5 restock rumors as the consoles finally begin to arrive in the region. A new PS5 restock will also available at this UK retailer in the coming weeks.

Lately, a lot more PS5 bundles are stopping scalpers and bots from buying restocks. There’s also significantly reduced demand after the Christmas break, and the UK government wants to ban PS5 scalper bots.

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