EA Sports FC is set to have many new features coming to the game, including a new traits system that has been leaked.

The traits system in FIFA has been present for quite some time. It involves players having specific characteristics which can amplify or reduce factors, such as their playing style, strengths, and weaknesses.

However, now, the whole system is about to change, and it is reportedly getting a revamp.

New Trait System Leaked for EA Sports FC

A new traits system similar to the style of NBA 2K23 and NHL 23 is coming to EA Sports FC, according to reliable leaker FUT Sheriff.

For those unaware of how the systems in those games operate, gamers can apply traits to their in-game athletes, which target specific stats.

Suppose you have a winger in EA Sports FC with low shooting stats. In such a case, you can apply a trait that specifically focuses on boosting that particular area, thereby improving the player’s shooting ability.

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The insider also states that traits will be able to provide “unique animations” to players. This marks the first instance where users can modify their players’ animations in an EA Sports football game.

In addition, they said certain traits can be applied to the whole team and not just one player. According to Sheriff, you can purchase them off the Ultimate Team market, with one of them boosting your side’s stamina.

Furthermore, they have revealed which areas traits will focus on and that ICONs will have their own traits type. However, ICON traits will not only be specific to those items.

According to the leak, EA Sports FC traits will be able to target

  • Shooting
  • Passing
  • Defending
  • Dribbling
  • Physical
  • Goalkeeping
  • FUT Specific Gameplay, such as chemistry points

While this information has not been confirmed, FUT Sheriff’s record when it comes to revealing information is one of the most reliable.

However, the new system may still be early in development so a lot could change between now and release.

The new traits system would mark a massive change to Ultimate Team’s gameplay but another leaked implementation will transform it even more!

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