A new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet tea set could be teasing a new form of Sinestea or Polteageist arriving in the upcoming DLC.

Gen 9’s first DLC ‘The Teal Mask’ finally had its release date revealed in this week’s Pokemon Presents live stream. The first Scarlet & Violet DLC will drop on September 13, 2023 and it brings with it a handful of new Pokemon to catch.

But could one of those be a new tea-themed Pokemon? It certainly seems as though The Pokemon Company is teasing one!

New Tea Pokemon Teased for Scarlet & Violet

At the Pokemon World Championships celebration in Yokohama, Japan, Pokemon fans that attended a Special Tea Ceremony were gifted a Pokemon Scarlet & Violet-themed tea set.

Inside is nothing out of the ordinary, but what’s interesting is that the box is marked with a particular date. Below a specific mention of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, the date ‘8.22.2023‘ can be seen printed on the box.

Since August 22, 2023 has not yet arrived, we can only imagine that Pokemon is hinting at a new Scarlet & Violet DLC trailer (or at least a reveal) dropping on this date!

And with the tease coming via a tea set, it would only make sense for a new tea-themed Pokemon to be on the cards.

Is Sinistea / Polteageist Getting a New Form or Evolution?

In the past, we’ve seen reliable Pokemon leaker Riddler_Khu tease that something will be changing from purple to green.

Although the insider only teases leaks in confusing riddle form, this has led many fans to believe that Sinistea could be getting a green tea variant.


The leaker has since retweeted images of the tea set with a ‘Shush’ emoji, indicating that this is almost certainly what their previous tweet refers to.

Perhaps Sinistea could be getting a branching matcha-themed evolution path like the newly-revealed Dipplin evolution for Applin? Both Sinistea and its evolution Polteageist are already available in Gen 9, so it’s not too unlikely!

Polteageist and Sinistea

However, in Khu’s tweet above, ‘rfake’ refers to ‘regional fake’ which is another term for Scarlet & Violet’s ‘convergent’ species.

For example, Wiglett is not a regional form of Diglett, it is an entirely separate species that simply resembles the Gen 1 Pokemon.

It seems likely, therefore, that a new tea-themed Pokemon that’s similar, but completely unrelated, to Sinistea could be arriving in the Teal Mask DLC.

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