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Rumor Claims New Nintendo Switch Controller May Be Revealed Soon

A new Nintendo Switch controller will likely be announced this week after an official Nintendo FCC filing is scheduled for public viewing.

According to the latest rumor, a new piece of hardware is almost assuredly on the way after a previously undisclosed Nintendo filing will soon be published to consumers.

Switch Joy-Con Controller
(Source: Nintendo)

Recently, Nintendo unveiled their Nintendo Switch OLED console, and so far, it hasn’t proved easy to get a hold of, with the console selling out in minutes.

Additionally, there has also been a rumor circulating that Nintendo Switch Online will feature Game Boy & Game Boy Color titles. Although there is still no confirmation from Nintendo, this may have given fans a clue as to what we might expect from the Switch controller rumor.

Now, Nintendo fans are ready for an official announcement from Nintendo, perhaps alongside some other surprises. Here is what we know with regards to the new Switch controller.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announcement Trailer
(Source: Nintendo)

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New Switch Controller Announcement Coming Soon

With the launch of the new Switch OLED model, it’s unsurprising that Nintendo wants to keep the good news flowing. An FCC filing for a new piece of hardware, which is still confidential, will now become public starting September 24.

Interestingly, the FCC filing has the same prefix as previously announced hardware. For example, the Switch console itself is named HAC-001, and the SNES controller for Nintendo Switch Online is HAC-042.

Nintendo Switch vs Switch OLED
(Source: Nintendo)

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However, a new filing, which has the same HAC prefix, has led fans to wonder what it could be. Many believe the mysterious piece of hardware is a new controller.

Although we don’t know when the next Nintendo Direct will be, Nintendo will likely want to unveil the listing before September 24 officially. Nintendo also has a long history of hosting presentations in September.

Nintendo recently announced that improvements are coming to Nintendo Switch Online. This could correlate with the Game Boy & Game Boy Color rumor floating around at the moment. Therefore, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine the new hardware could be something like a Game Boy or N64 controller.

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Nintendo Switch Online
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Although the classic Joy-Con controller has had one serious issue for Switch users, perhaps a new controller will pair well with the latest OLED model.

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