A third-party console accessory manufacturer has shared details about some of the new Switch 2 features, including backwards compatibility and updated Joy-Cons!

It has been seven years since Nintendo released the Switch and all of the signs are pointing towards its successor releasing in the near future.

While leaks suggest that the Switch 2 may launch in March 2025, we know little about the console so far. However, one of the largest Switch 2 leaks has just appeared online.

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New Switch 2 Features Leaked

Mobapad, a company that makes Nintendo Switch accessories, has shared new details online about the upcoming Switch 2. This information was posted on Facebook as well as the Chinese website BiliBili and later shared by user –R on the ResetEra forums.

Here’s what Mobdapad shared about the Switch 2:

  • Existing Joy-Con and Pro controllers will be supported on the Switch 2, and the console still features HD vibration.
  • The Switch 2 will feature backwards compatibility with original Switch cartridges. However, the Switch 2 cartridges will be a different size.
  • The Joy-Cons will be larger and magnetically attach to the Switch 2. There are also a couple of new buttons behind each Joy-Con, and the SL and SR buttons are metallic.
  • The new dock still has a USB-C port and also supports 4K image output.
  • The kickstand on the Switch 2 features a damping bracket for better angle adjustment.
  • The screen is a larger 8-inch LCD and has 1080p resolution.
Nintendo Switch Insert Cartridge

This information certainly lines up with previous leaks, especially the magnetic Joy-Cons. However, Nintendo has not confirmed any of these details just yet and probably won’t announce the Switch 2 any time soon either.

We estimate that the Switch 2 reveal should be in Fall 2024. Therefore, we will have to wait until then to find out if the leak from Mobapad is accurate or not.

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