Pokemon Scarlet & Violet just got a brand-new Stellar Tera Type, but what does it mean for the series moving forward?

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero concludes with the introduction of Terapagos, a brand-new Legendary Pokemon and the first catchable creature to have the Stellar Tera Type.

But what is this mysterious new typing?

What Is Stellar Tera Type?

Stellar is a new Tera Type that appears to contain all existing Pokemon types inside itself. Pokemon cannot be Stellar Type outright, but they can have the Stellar Tera Type, allowing them to Terastalize into a Stellar Type.

Stellar Type Terapagos

When Terastalized, a Pokemon with the Stellar Tera Type will boost the power of moves of any type – but only once per move type.

Therefore, Terapagos in the image below can boost the power of any of its attacks a single time after Terastalizing.

Terapagos Terastallize in Pokemon Scarlet

However, a Pokemon with two Water-Type moves would only be able to boost the power of the first one used.

However, in Tera Raid Battles, this restriction does not apply, allowing Pokemon to repeatedly use boosted attacks of any kind.

Tera Blast for Stellar Types

Another interesting factor of Stellar-Type Terastalization is how it interacts with the move Tera Blast – which is an attack that deals damage based on your Pokemon’s Tera Type.

When a Terastalized Stellar Tera Type Pokemon uses Tera Blast, the move will always be super effective against Terastalized Pokemon.

Tera Blast TM in Scarlet & Violet

As usual, the move also deals Attack or Special Attack damage, depending on which is higher for your Pokemon – but an added drawback is that it lowers both Attack and Special Attack after being used.

Stellar Type Weakness

As for the Pokemon’s weakness, it remains the same as prior to the Stellar-Type Terastalization.

In the case of Terapagos, it remains Normal-Type and therefore is still weak to Fighting-Type attacks.

How to Get Stellar Tera Type Pokemon

After trainers finish the main story of The Indigo Disk, they’ll catch their first Stellar Tera Type Pokemon, Terapagos.

From this point forward, other Stellar Tera Type Pokemon will appear in the wild too.

Stellar Pokemon Will Appear in the Wild

Simply look for glowing Pokemon around Blueberry Academy’s Terarium, indicating that it’s a wild Tera Pokemon, and there’s a good chance it’s another Stellar Type.

You’ll know they’re a Stellar Tera Type based on the crystallization above their heads while transformed. The new emblem resembles a mixture of all types, with the Terastalize logo at the top.

But will the Stellar Type ever be mentioned again, moving forward? We’d bet the answer is not really.

Stellar Tera Type Araquanid in Pokemon

After all, the Terastalization phenomenon is something that can only usually occur in the Paldea region – or in the Blueberry Academy Terarium, thanks to a hand-wavy plot convenience.

Like many generation-specific mechanics before it (so long, Dynamax, Z-Moves, and Mega Evolution), we doubt it’ll come up again.

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