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New Star Wars Games Could Be Coming Soon

New Star Wars games could soon be in the works after the revival of LucasFilm Games. The new identity for gaming titles from LucasFilm.

LucasFilm Games has made a triumphant return to game publishing after news that the old brand has been revived.

LucasFilm Games has a long and well-developed history, it being the original founding gaming division of LucasFilm.

However, interestingly, the brand was retired back in 2012 after Disney secured a deal to acquire LucasFilm and the Star Wars franchise.

After this, a deal was made with Electronic Arts to produce Star Wars games, such as the Battlefront series and more recently, Jedi: Fallen Order.

New Star Wars Games

New Star Wars games could be on the horizon after this recent revival of LucasFilm Games.

The official Star Wars website posted this update regarding their decision to "begin a new era" in producing new and exciting gaming titles under the revived brand.

This marks an important change in the future direction that Star Wars games might take.

Perhaps fans can look forward to a different caliber of games moving forward, with more of a creative emphasis put behind it.

EA doesn't always have players' best interests at heart in producing video games. Star Wars Battlefront 2's controversy regarding loot boxes caused players a lot of grievances.

Star Wars Battlefront 2
Source: EA

Interestingly, this revival might mean EA could lose exclusivity with Star Wars. As a result, other publishers might be able to move in to produce new titles under LucasFilm Games.

LucasFilm Games has an already well-established legacy, being the company behind the Monkey Island series and some beloved older Star Wars titles, such as Jedi Knight.

The official Star Wars Youtube channel also showed off this vide below:

The video showcases most of the Star Wars games that have been produced, exciting fans with the prospect of new titles.

New Titles Coming Soon?

As of right now, the kinds of games that LucasFilm Games will be a part of is a mystery. However, fans can be sure that more games are inevitably coming at some point.

It could be that new titles under LucasFilm Games will have more of a narrative focus.

Having the ability to partner with "the finest studios across the industry" could invite a greater variety of Star Wars Games.

Fans could be offered games with more world-building, the strength the entire franchise is built upon.

Jedi: Fallen Order was exceptional at blending together a range of different elements, such as story-telling, setting, and gameplay.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Source: EA

Perhaps players can expect games similar to Jedi: Fallen Order on a more frequent basis.

It's also unclear how this will affect EA's license, perhaps Disney will want a break from working with EA.

EA does still have a couple of years remaining with the license, so they might have some plans in the works.

Perhaps we can look forward to a few new installments before EA's time is up, or they might even be kept around, so long as they behave.

If so, hopefully EA won't cause another great controversy with their future Star Wars installments.

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