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New Splitgate Server Capacity Update Could Upgrade Player Count

It looks like Splitgate will be getting yet another server capacity update, which will increase the total number of players who can play the game!

Splitgate has burst onto the scene over the past couple of weeks to become one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, it’s so popular that the servers can’t keep up with the number of players who want to play.

Because of the game’s popularity, many players have to wait in a queue before getting into the game. However, it looks like developer 1047 Games will be increasing the Splitgate server capacity again to accommodate more players.

But first, find out how long players have to wait in the Splitgate server queue.


New Splitgate Server Capcity Could be Increased Again – August 9

Server queues have been a major problem for Splitgate players so far, even after the August 6 update improved server times and added many requested features. What’s more, 1047 Games is now banning Splitgate players who use ‘queue-skip’ software.

However, it looks like the server capacity is about the get even larger in Splitgate. A new tweet from the game says:

“I’m feeling bold. Should we increase the cap even more? YOLO”

Splitgate Twitter

While this does not confirm that the Splitgate server capacity will be increased soon, or even hint when it could happen, it is still encouraging news. This is because it means that Splitgate is still looking into increasing the player count that the servers support.

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Are you looking forward to a further increase to the Splitgate server capacity and reduction of queue times?


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