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New Silent Hill Leak Suggests Development of New Game

A new Silent Hill leak showcases concept art for the game, suggesting that the development of a new game could be underway.

It has been 10 years since the last Silent Hill game was released. The last game to release was Downpour, which was met with mixed critical reception.

We also had the Playable Teaser, or P.T., in 2014. It was confirmed as a Silent Hill game, with Hideo Kojima directing. However, Konami canceled the game, and the series has been in limbo since then.

However, Konami could be developing a new Silent Hill game as we speak, with a new leak suggesting development is already going on.

PT Silent Hill Leak Suggest New Game in Development

Silent Hill Leak Shows Concept Art, New Game in Development

@AestheticGamer1 on Twitter shared some concept art for an under development Silent Hill game from Konami.

The concept art shows a disgusting room, filled with trash, and a woman with what looks to be pieces of scrap paper on her face. There are also another two pieces of concept art, however, it’s hard to tell what the images are.

AestheticGamer1 also shared that their private source gave a lot of information to prove this is real. And they confirmed that Konami is developing multiple Silent Hill games, not just one. They also said that the concept art was from 2020.

Unfortunately, we can’t share the images. Konami has already taken down AestheticGamer1’s photos with a DMCA takedown.

However, the copyright strike only further proves the existence of this game. If the leak was fake, Konami wouldn’t waste their time on copyright striking something that was false.

Silent Hill New Leak Reveals Game in Development

There are also mentions of “SMS Messages”, mentioned by AestheticGamer1. Kojima’s Silent Hills game was supposedly going to require players to sign a waiver, as characters would actively text the player, even when not playing the game.

The evidence points to a new Silent Hill game being developed. Let’s just hope it’s revealed soon!

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