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New Resident Evil Village Details Revealed at Showcase Event

Capcom just held their Resident Evil Village Showcase event. Let’s unpack everything we learned.

Well, the Resident Evil Village Showcase was short and sweet, but wow, did they cram a lot in! Let’s break down what we know.

Resident Evil Village – New Details

The primary focus of the Showcase was indeed the 8th major chapter in the Resident Evil universe; RE Village. We’ve previously covered everything we know about Resident Evil Village, but now we know much more.

For starters, the game will release internationally on the 7th of May 2021. And will release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS4, Xbox One.

It will be primarily a single-player experience, like RE7, but more on multiplayer elements later. PS5 owners will be able to get their hands on a brand-new demo called ‘Maiden’ anytime now.

Like the first hour chapter of RE7, this will be a separate side story introducing the RE Village narrative. Players will not control Ethan Winters, but the titular Maiden while she escapes the castle.

We’re going to be honest, like previous demo protagonist Clancy Jarvis, we fear for the Maiden’s survival…

The demo will be added to PSN sometime today and will be free. It also will contain no combat. Like PT and RE7 First Hour, it will be a purely exploratory horror experience.

RE Village Gameplay

We saw some sweet looking gameplay footage that gave us real RE1,4 vibes. The village and castle look fantastic, and so do the enemies.

As far as enemy types go, we saw what looks like hooded zombie figures in a dungeon. They were shambling towards Ethan while he took potshots at them.

While they resembled traditional zombies in many ways, they also reminded us of the creepy cultists from RE4. But they even knew how to use weapons, suggesting they are different from the standard T-Virus zombies we know.

They’ve likely been created by some new virus strain. Or they could be the latest version of the Ganado enemy. This is Resident Evil’s more intelligent zombie alternative that crops up in most recent RE games in some form.

Other enemies included the creepy beast-men seen in the earlier trailer. They were hunting Ethan in a pack, and we suspect they are suffering from the same virus the zombie guys are. But perhaps further along their mutagenic path.

We also saw a large boss-like enemy with a large hammer in with the group. We fear he will take a lot of ammo to put down.

Finally, there’s a new enemy type, nun-like figures who can transform into a swarm of flies at will - while wielding sickles.

The freakishly tall, hatted witch refers to them as her “daughters.” So we’re interested to learn what their lore will be. They did remind us of Mama Baker from RE7, so there may be a connection there.

The guy with sunglasses is apparently called Heisenberg (we see you Breaking Bad fans). He is a tall hat lady’s brother, apparently. It looks like he’ll be an early boss fight as he challenges a rather perplexed Ethan.

Characters and Story of RE Village

Resident Evil Village will bring back the merchant, only this time he’s called the Duke and doesn’t appear to be infected.

He seems pleased to meet Ethan and sell the player guns and ammo throughout. So expect the game to have a form of currency again.

As we said in our earlier article anticipating this event, Ethan has come to the Village to find his infant daughter – who’s seemingly very important to the tall hat lady. Not to mention her mysterious boss who she refers to as ‘Mother Miranda’ over the telephone.

Ethan’s wife Mia is shot by series veteran Chris Redfield in the original trailer, suggesting Chris has gone evil. But we still believe it’s part of a wider ploy by Chris to actually fight the villains.

We think the woman Chris shot may not have been the real Mia Winters - and Chris is actually trying to protect Ethan and takedown hat lady’s boss. But this is speculation on our part.

We do now know that the Villagers, including the villains, hold Ethan and his baby daughter in some kind of reverence. Heisenberg seems starstruck by Ethan despite his murderous intent, and the Duke claims “anyone who’s anyone knows who Ethan Winters is.”

In RE7, Ethan was just a random dude looking for his wife. But it looks like his ordeal with the Baker family has turned him into some kind of celebrity in the evil bio-terror world.

The trailer didn’t give us any clues about any other returning characters or why Umbrella Inc’s logo is in the Village.

What Else Did The Showcase Event Reveal

The RE Village demo wasn’t the only thing Capcom showed us. They also announced RE: Verse, a multiplayer game featuring classic characters and locations from RE’s past to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year.

The game will be bundled with RE Village or bought separately. It appears to be a battle royal style game where players can control bosses like Nemesis, Mr X, and Jack Baker.

Capcom also reaffirmed that the animated movie Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be coming to Netflix this year. But they didn’t say anything about the other Netflix projects or the Hollywood reboot.

Nor did the Resident Evil Village Showcase mention the RE4 remake or the mysterious Switch game RE: Outrage – if that leak even turns out to be real.

Multiple RE Village versions were announced too, such as a special edition bundle that contains a range of perks like the soundtrack and DLC. A version of the game will also be released containing RE7 for those who’ve not yet played it.

Those who buy the game on last-gen consoles will also be entitled to a free upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X. So if you want to buy the game on PS4 or Xbox One first, have at it!

Finally, there’s a cool RE Village/The Division 2 crossover coming on the 2nd of February – so look out for that! It appears that the Resident Evil Village leaks were somewhat accurate.

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