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New Record Set for World’s Fastest Nuke in Modern Warfare

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Earlier this week, someone set a record for the world’s fastest nuke in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The player managed to accumulate 30 kills within a space of 41 seconds. Now, this record has just been broke within the last few hours.

Modern Warfare Nuke World Record

The record comes from Twitter user ‘TastyFPS’. They wracked up an astonishing 30 kills in a row within 33 seconds. This beats the previous record by approximately 8 seconds. The user also continued to gain a few more kills after the record had been set. Although this might defy belief, the player has provided undeniable evidence.

While the record is pretty impressive, the poor Modern Warfare Shipment spawns have played a large part in it. There has been ongoing backlash regarding Shipment for a while now, but if you’re not on the receiving end of its poor spawns, it seems to be plenty of fun!

The nuke has featured in numerous other Call of Duty titles, including the likes of MW2. When you combine the nuke killstreak with Shipment – a classic map from Call of Duty 4 – it can be quite a crazy game.

There will presumably be many more records set on Modern Warfare’s chaotic Shipment map. But hopefully, Infinity Ward will fix the spawns very soon.

PREVIOUS RECORD – WATCH HERE: 41 Second Nuke in Modern Warfare

How Many Kills for Nuke in Modern Warfare

In previous titles, the nuke has been 25 kills. This is not the case in the latest installment, however. If you’re wondering how to get a nuke in Modern Warfare, it takes 30 kills without dying.

There’s no doubt that this is difficult to achieve, although if you play more tactical, you can increase your chance of getting it. Once activated, the nuke provides the ultimate reward of instantly ending the game with a win for your team.

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