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New PSP 5G Patent Filed By Sony – Is a New Portable Console Likely?

PSP 5G rumors have been circulating on and off for years. But does this latest one suggest a new portable Sony device is really coming?

We sure hope so, but let’s look at the evidence before we get carried away. Sony has filed various patents over the years, the most prominent being a successor to the PS Vita, tentatively titled PSP 5G.

Essentially, this console would be the PSP 3, following in the original PSP and PS Vita footsteps. Both failed to set the world on fire, losing ground to the more popular Nintendo DS and 3DS.

But now, LetsGoDigital has dug up a new PSP 5G patent, which has been filed by Sony. One which offers some clues as to what Sony may be planning.

New PSP 5G Patent Filed By Sony – Is a New Portable Console Likely?

Firstly, the patent mentions cloud gaming, suggesting that services like PS Now could be possible on the device. This also means the handheld could likely serve as a remote play device for PS5, allowing gamers to enjoy them on the go. – Not unlike the Nintendo Switch.

However, the PSP 5G would utilize steaming technology to make this work. After all, the device is unlikely to play PS5 games natively, but streaming them would be entirely feasible.

This was one of the strengths of the PS Vita; it allowed PS4 owners the ability to stream their console games to the portable device. Although, this service never seemed to find its feet, despite the obvious potential.

PSP 5G To Benefit From New Technology?

Like the last few, this patent suggests 5G will be an important feature of the device, making streaming and cloud gaming possible when Wi-Fi wasn’t available. The Vita was also compatible with cellular data, something that allowed it to connect to the internet while players were away from home.

5G technology is something Sony is used to working with as a result of its smartphone division. Could we see some overlap between cell phones and games consoles again? It wouldn’t be the first time Sony has tried to blend the two.

New PSP 5G Patent Filed By Sony – Is a New Portable Console Likely?

Sony has ruled out returning to the portable market in the past, but that was before this most recent patent. Since then, we’ve had the enormous success of the Nintendo Switch.

A portable console that did what the PS Vita tried and failed to do, bring console-quality games to a portable device.

While it’s too late for the Vita now, Nintendo has demonstrated that there is a market for portable gaming. And one that’s stronger than ever.

The Vita, and PSP, may simply have been ahead of their time or entered the market at the wrong time. Each console was loved by those who did purchase one, but the demand wasn’t strong.

Now, we think it is, and the advent of 5G, cloud gaming, compatibility with PS5, and portability could make for a winning formula – we look forward to seeing whatever it is Sony is (hopefully) planning.

These new patents also coincide with new PSVR2 rumors. The Nintendo Switch has also been outsold by the PS5 in the past month. Could this foreshadow a new battle to come?

You can view the new PSP 5G patent here.

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