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New PS5 Stock Drop Is Likely Happening Today in the UK

A PS5 stock drop in the UK could be coming. Find out what retailer will be selling the consoles.

PS5 consoles are extremely hard to come by at the moment. They sell out almost instantly every time stock drops and could go on sale out of nowhere.

Luckily, millions of PS5 consoles are set to be shipped over the next few months. Some of these may be going on sale in the UK as soon as today.

There has been a big hint that today might be the day one UK retailer puts its PS5 stock on sale. Don’t miss out on this PS5 UK stock drop that could happen any minute now!

Be sure to stay up to date with all PS5 drops. Check our PS5 UK stock tracker regularly to know as soon as PS5 stock goes on sale.

PS5 Stock Drop UK

PS5 Stock Drop at Major Uk Retailer

UK retailer Smyths has updated its website, hinting that PS5 stock may drop in the UK today.

Their website has said that they expect stock in January, but this hint suggests today could be the day their stock finally drops.

Beforehand, the home delivery option on the PS5 console was greyed out and could not be selected. However, customers can now select the home delivery option.

While it still says that the console is out of stock, this shows that Smyths has updated their PS5 stock recently and are preparing for people to select home delivery for Digital Edition PS5 consoles.

Visit the Smyths website to see if they have stock for the PS5 Digital Edition.

Hopefully, the stock will drop soon and customers will be able to secure a PS5. Don’t worry if you miss out though, Sony plans to ship up to 18 million PS5 consoles this year.

Also, be sure to never miss out on a PS5 stock drop. Readers in America should check our PS5 stock tracker for US stores.

However, this isn’t the only UK PS5 stock drop that has leaked recently. There have been multiple leaks on potential stock dropping in the UK.

The US also had potential news of a PS5 stock drop. Find out what retailer this leak claimed would restock PS5 consoles.

Players who have already secured a PS5 have lots of games to look forward to. Sony has also recently announced the release dates of loads of huge PS5 games.

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