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New PS5 Restock Leaked At This UK Retailer

UK fans rejoice, as it seems that the next PS5 restock wave is finally here.

If you're a gamer in the UK who is still looking for your PS5, the wait might finally be over. A new leak from a retail employee suggests that the next wave of PS5 stock is about to arrive.

Although those in the USA have been treated to multiple restocks, albeit each in a small capacity, other countries haven't been so lucky. Recently, India got its first PS5 launch which sold out in seconds.

PlayStation 5 UK Restock
(Source: Sony)

Even here in the UK, stock has been in incredibly short supply. But now, more PS5s are finally on their way.

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New UK PS5 Restock Leak

It seems that this time, the new UK PS5 restock is leaked to be coming to Argos. According to an employee of the major retailer, some of the company's warehouses have been given a green order status this morning.

Thanks to an update from Twitter user PS5StockAlertUK, we know that the Argos Ps5 restock is due for February 2. That means there's not long to go until the consoles arrive in-store once again.

argos ps5 restock UK
(Source: Argos)

However, it's also worth noting that the previous green date at Argos warehouses was December 16. Despite this fact, the stock actually arrived the week prior to its expected date.

With this in mind, we anticipate a drop at Argos very soon, even before the start of February.

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The insider also reports that Argos took way too many PS5 preorders in the UK previously. It's possible that some units in the shipment will not go on sale online because of this.

But with over 400 PS5s appearing in the employee's local warehouse last December, a similar drop could appear very soon. Chances are, it'll be possible to snag one, provided you know when to look.

Lately, a PS5 restock leaker revealed when millions of consoles will drop. With this in mind, it's not likely to be long before the device is more readily available in stores.

For those in the US, it's looking like PS Direct may be the easiest way to get a PS5. Although PS5s are going live at these locations regularly, a steady stream has been seen coming directly from the source.

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