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New PS5 Restock In The UK Could Be Dropping Today

UK fans might want to keep an eye out today for a new PS5 restock after leaked information has surfaced.

If you've been struggling to get your hands on a PS5 recently, you might be in luck.

The wait may be over after one leaker has revealed information regarding a potential restock, coming today.

Getting a hold of a next-gen console has proved a monumental task over the last few months, but it appears more are becoming readily available.

Interestingly, recently a PS5 restock leaker has revealed when millions of consoles will drop.

Here is all the information we have regarding a possible restock coming today in the UK.

UK PS5 Restock Leak

According to new leaked information, the time could be now for you to snag a shiny new PS5.

A potential restock has been leaked which shows that an unlikely retailer, Smyths UK could be getting new consoles today.

According to a Tweet from PS5 Stock Central, today could be the day for lucky individuals.

Here is the tweet below which suggests that Smyths UK could potentially be recieving a new PS5 restock today.

However, it is important to note that this has not been officially confirmed yet.

There is a strong possibility that new consoles might be making their way on to the Smyths UK website, however.

Smyths PS5 Restock
Source: Smyths UK

With this in mind, fans can remain hopefully optimistic about the prospect of bagging a PS5 soon.

New PS5 Stock Update

Perhaps more convincingly, there are also more leaks to suggest a new PS5 restock coming soon to another UK retailer.

In a recent update post we mentioned that a new PS5 restock is leaked to be coming to Argos.

This information was found by Twitter account PS5 Stock UK, who has an inside source at Argos who is communicating stock updates.

Interestingly however, there has been a revised update with regards to a new PS5 restock, you can see the tweet below:

Source: Twitter

There is a strong chance that this information is credible, given where the leaked info is coming from.

It seems that its very likely new PS5 stock is scheduled for February 4th, two days after the original estimated delivery date on February 2nd.

Argos PS5 Restock
Source: Argos

It's also important to note that PS5 Stock UK mentions: "this is only an approximate by the Argos warehouse system".

Therefore, it might not be an accurate delivery date. However if this isnt the case, it does confirm that stock is still coming to Argos, at some point.

If you happen to be based in the USA, some have suggested that PS Direct is the easiest way to get a PS5.

You might also be interested in checking out the rather bizarre Starbucks PS5 concept console design, maybe you'll have better luck with one of those...

For the latest PlayStation 5 stock alerts, be sure to check our PS5 stock tracker in the UK.

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