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New PS5 Restock Arriving at GAME as Early as Next Week

New evidence suggests that the next PS5 restock will be available at GAME next week. Here’s when to look:

It’s now 3 months after the launch of the PlayStation 5, and there are still thousands of fans without their next-gen console. Thankfully, new stock is trickling out at a steady pace, and we just got wind of the next UK restock.

If you’re still waiting on a chance to nab a PS5 for yourself, look no further than this GAME restock. Reports indicate that additional next-gen consoles will go on sale very soon, but they’ll be in limited supply.

ps5 stock
(Source: Sony)

The other day, we reported that 6000 PS5 consoles would be available at this retailer. However, this time we don’t know how many devices GAME will have to offer up.

But since we’ve had huge PS5 restocks with no warning dropping from time to time, it’s nice to have a heads up for once.

When Is the Next PS5 Restock?

According to a new port, GAME may have just revealed its next PS5 restock date.

On the retailer’s official website, GAME is updating its PlayStation 5 bundles to include a new release date. The bundles are preparing to go live on March 8, so we predict that this is the day to watch.

However, pre-orders for the bundles may well go live from as early as next week, UKPS5Notify suggests.

Of course, if you’re buying from GAME, there are a number of packages including extras such as PlayStation Wallet codes, extra controllers, and games up for grabs.

Thankfully, the retailer also has consoles up for grabs by themselves.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the latest drops as they go live!

Recently, we found out just how much of the PS5 stock has gone to scalpers so far. The numbers are more significant than we’d like, but the time for scalping is at an end.

Despite resellers still appearing in every Twitter thread and in droves on eBay, scalpers are definitely starting to get desperate.

As stock keeps coming, many users will be grabbing their next-gen consoles without having to give a scalper any money.

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