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New PS5 Restock Is Dropping Any Minute Now

If you’re still looking for a PS5, today could be your lucky day as a new restock promises to drop imminently.

More PS5 restocks are on the way, and it seems some next-gen consoles will be going on sale today. If you’re yet to get your hands on Sony’s newest gaming hardware, today is the day!

You’ll have to be looking somewhere very specific to find this latest drop.

PS5 Restocking Today At This Location

Yesterday, PlayStation fans in the US were treated to the news that the PS5 would be restocked at Sony Rewards.

The official Sony retailer will be offering a limited-supply of PS5 consoles and they could drop at any moment.

playstation 5 restock today
(Source: Sony)

As of right now, the Sony Rewards Twitter account is yet to announce when the consoles will be dropping. However, it states that they’ll only be tweeting out when the devices are live on the site.

We recommend putting your notifications on for this account and checking the Sony Rewards website immediately.

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Judging by previous drops, a regular refresh often beats a social media link. In fact, many retailers are often sold out before Twitter users even get to see a link.

Right now, we don’t know if this new PS5 restock will be exclusive to Sony Rewards users or not. If you have a Sony Rewards account, this may be your best shot at getting your hands on the next-gen console.

Here Are Your PS5 Instant Stock Trackers:

UPDATE: This offer is live right now!:

Other PlayStation 5 Restocks

Recently, a PS5 restock leaker revealed when millions of consoles will drop. It seems that we won’t have to wait for too long before the device is readily available.

And those in the UK can enjoy heavy PS5 restock rumors as the consoles finally arrive in the region. A new PS5 restock will also available at this UK retailer in the coming weeks.

Lately, a lot more PS5 bundles are stopping scalpers and bots from buying restocks. Partner this with reduced demand after the Christmas break and it’s actually a great time to be trying to get a new PlayStation.

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