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New PS5 Gameplay Shown Off Includes DMC5 And Exclusive Godfall

Japanese YouTube channel 2Bro Entertainment has revealed new PS5 gameplay footage.

The video shows off 40 mins of new footage which includes PS5 gameplay for the upgraded Devil May Cry 5, Balan Wonderworld, and the PS5 exclusive Godfall.

Prominent Japanese YouTubers have had access to the PS5 for a while now. With many getting their first look at the console earlier in October.

Western YouTubers are also clamouring for their own opportunity, but are yet to be granted their wish. Although, it's likely Western gaming pundits and influencers will get their chance before launch.

What PS5 Gameplay Is On Show?

The gameplay on the video gives a detailed look and what gamers can expect from the PS5 when it does launch this November.

The PS5 exclusive Godfall was built for the console from the ground up and luckily, looks like far more than a tech demo.

During the launch of PS4, some games like Killzone Shadowfall were criticised for being little more than graphical showcases. With no real substance behind the gameplay.

The special edition of Devil May Cry 5 on PS5 looks fantastic, but its visual improvements from PS4 doesn't hide the fact that it’s a previous-gen game. One which has been given a new lick of paint.

When viewed next to Godfall this becomes all the more apparent. However, the new version will allow players to take control of Dante’s wayward twin brother Vergil – so that’s pretty awesome.

This all does tie into an ongoing debate. That being; does reliance on cross-gen games at launch hold a new console back from greatness?

Check out the video featuring the new PS5 gameplay below to see for yourselves:

The console will release on the 12th and 19th of November. But a leak earlier today suggested that some PS5 games and accessories will launch a week early in the UK.


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