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New PS5 Digital Model Redesign Confirmed, Lighter Than Original

There’s a new PS5 Digital Edition redesign coming that’s supposedly lighter than the original console – only months after launch!

If you’re still waiting to find your next-gen console, you’re not alone. Thousands of gamers across the globe are still trying desperately to get their hands on a new PS5.

Thankfully, Sony reports that the PS5 stock shortage is coming to an end. And, in fact, we have news about a new Target PS5 restock arriving in-stores already!

PS5 Restocks best Buy Antonline GameStop PlayStation Direct More July 12-18
(Source: Sony)

However, it appears there’s a new benefit to waiting to buy a PS5. And those who were unable to buy the next-gen device will soon be able to get a lighter version of the PS5 Digital Edition.

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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Redesign – 300 Grams Lighter

It looks as though our first redesign for the PS5 is already here, with the new Digital Edition being 300 grams lighter than its predecessor.

We already knew about a new PS5 redesign coming in 2022 thanks to a past leak. However, we didn’t expect confirmation to drop this quickly, particularly while the devices are still in short supply.

However, a new PS5 Digital Edition with the model number CFI-1100B01 is already surfacing on the official Japanese PlayStation website. According to a new report by PSU, the manual for the new device lists the redesign’s weight at 3.6kg, 300 grams lighter than the console’s original weight.

As for what else is coming to the new PS5 Digital Edition redesign, we’re not sure just yet! Reportedly, Japanese electronic chain GEO lists the new model’s release date as July 20 – although no consoles have arrived in stock in Japan today.

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PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Redesign - 300 Grams Lighter
(Source: Sony)

Alongside the new lighter console design, the new PS5 also has a thumb screw for its stand, rather than the regular version. This is sure to make adjusting your console easier than ever before.

Already, the PS5 is massively outselling the Xbox Series X/S in most regions, and a new redesign could help boost sales even further.

And with a massive PlayStation State of Play leaked for August 12, we might be getting an official announcement for the console dropping soon!

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