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New PS5 Bundles Appear, Ahead of Tomorrow’s UK Restock

Reports indicate that there’s a new PS5 restock coming tomorrow, as new bundles appear on GAME’s website.

The next wave of PS5 consoles is almost here, and leaks suggest that the stock may go live tomorrow.

If you’re still one of the many gamers looking for your next-gen console, tomorrow may be your lucky day. In the latest wave of restocks, a new selection of PS5 bundles are becoming available.

And from what we can tell, GAME has quite the stock to get through. Just two days ago, we reported that GAME would be the next PS5 restock in 2021.

ps5 restock GAME
(Source: Sony)

Since then, the retailer has added a larger selection of bundles to its online store. And reports indicate that the stock could well go live tomorrow.

GAME PS5 Restock – 23 February 2021

On the GAME website, the retailer is adding a few new ways to purchase a PS5.

As is often the case, the next-gen consoles are coming in bundles with PS5 games, controllers, and even T-shirts. To get your hands on the console through GAME, you may have to be willing to spend a little extra cash.

In total, there are 43 different PS5 bundles up for grabs, each likely with its own stock to sell. This gives us hope that this will be a significant restock that finally gives some gamers a chance at the console.

The GAME restock has a release date of March 8, but many PS5 restock accounts are pointing to pre-orders going live tomorrow.

Game PS5 restock
(Source: GAME)

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the latest drops as they go live!

From past drops, we know that GAME tends to restock between 9 AM and 2 PM GMT. We recommend checking regularly, as stock also appears shortly after orders are canceled.

Recently, scalpers are having a harder time in the UK, especially with new government anti-scalper support being considered.

But still, a significant amount of PS5 consoles have gone to scalpers already. One industry expert believes he has a way to resolve the PS5 stock shortage – but we question his methods.

Meanwhile, if you miss out this time around, you could always buy this solid gold PS5 instead. However, you’ll need quite a savings account just to afford it.

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