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New PS4 System Update 8.00 Causing Major Issues

Yesterday, Sony released one of the PS4’s final updates with Version 8.00, but the new code is already causing major issues.

If you’re yet to download a new update for your PS4, you may be better off waiting for now. Despite yesterday signaling the release of Ver 8.00 for PlayStation users, the update has gone far from smoothly.

The new release aimed to bring a host of new features to PS4 players, including ways to use Party Chat and Messages. However, it appears that now, users are finding it difficult to even use the most basic functions of the PS4 UI.


It appears that Ver 8.00 could have done with a little more testing, prior to release. This isn’t an ideal way for the PS4 to hand over to its successor, that’s for sure.

PS4 System Update 8.00 Issues

Since the PS4 system update 8.00, players are reporting the following issues. Firstly, many gamers claim that they’re now unable to create a Party whatsoever.

While altering the code to accommodate for the new ‘Groups’ feature, it seems that Sony’s developers might have removed something important. The lack of Party creation obviously leads to crisis, as it means that players can no longer go online with their friends.

Some PS4-owners even suggest that their Friends list cannot be loaded. Because of this, they are then unable to join a game with any currently-online users.

Many are also reporting the error code “WS-44369-6” popping up when some of their attempt to reach friends fail. However, this error isn’t linked to anything helpful on the Sony website.

Instead, we were able to find a temporary solution on Reddit. Those who are looking to get around the bugged update can follow these steps to enter a Party again.

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How to Fix PS4 Error (WS-44369-6)

To get around the issue caused by PS4 system update Ver 8.00, players can perform the following fix:

First, head to the “Now Playing” tab and find your friends. View their profile, and the option to create a party can be selected directly from there.

An error code will sometimes still show when selecting this option, but Party creation is possible. You can also reportedly search for a player’s name and create a Party from there, too.

It takes a while to load, but Party chat is still available, even in Ver 8.00. Hopefully, Sony is quick to push out a fix to this latest disaster of an update.

This wasn’t the only thing that got PS4 users up in arms regarding the update, however. Sony faced a major backlash after recording Party chats became part of Ver 8.00.

However, the rest of the new patch was largely positive. After all, PlayStation’s 8.00 update brings Party changes, new Avatars, and more.

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