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New Pokemon Movie Sheds Light On Ash Ketchum’s Father

The new Pokemon movie' Secrets of the Jungle' will finally discuss a long-ignored topic of discussion, the mystery behind Ash Ketchum's father.

The Pokemon anime series has been running since 1997. Ash Ketchum represents what every employer is looking for, a ten-year-old with over twenty-three years of experience in his field.

Coincidentally, this is also the twenty-third film of the series. It seems fitting that this film will finally touch upon a key mystery in the Pokemon series.

One topic of conversation that has always remained a mystery over the course of the long-running anime series, is that of Ash Ketchums' father.

The film aired very recently in Japan on Christmas day. You can take a look at the trailer for the new Pokemon film just below.

Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle

It is something that has never been addressed and fans have speculated about for many years. The only details that fans have gleaned, is that Ash's father might be on a journey of his own.

This is exciting news for fans of Pokemon, but perhaps even more exciting is that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake could be an open-world game.

Interestingly, the director for the new Pokemon movie, Tetsuo Yajima has decided to finally give fans some long-awaited backstory. The latest movie will touch upon the themes of parent/child bonding and father figures.

New Pokemon Movie: Ash's Father Reveal?

Secrets of the Jungle will touch on important themes such as parenting and father/ son relationships. So it's not a stretch to imagine that Ash's father might finally be revealed.

The film focuses on a boy called Koko who has been raised and looked after by the mythical Pokemon, Zarude.

In a recent interview, director Tetsuo Yajima discussed how his experiences of being a father influenced his decision to focus on Ash's relationship with his father.

In the film, Ash and Pikachu are on a brand new adventure to explore the depths of a jungle in an effort to uncover its mysteries.

During the course of their adventure, they discover a Tarzan-esque character called Koko, who acts and behaves a lot like other Pokemon.

Zarude, the mythical Pokemon, cares for Koko. According to Yajima, It is in these interactions that Ash will be reminded of his own father.

Pokemon the Movie: Zarude and Koko
Pokemon the Movie: Zarude and Koko

The new Pokemon movie will aim to look at the relationship between Koko and Zarude in relation to Ash's own experiences.

At one point, Ash mentions that watching the duo "reminds me of times with my dad". I'm sure fans are eagerly awaiting news about the potential reveal of Ash's father, or at least some more details to speculate on.

The film will release to the rest of the world in 2021. So Pokemon fans will have to wait a while longer in order to get any new details.

However, to keep yourself busy in the meantime, you could always play some Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield. The latest update has arrived and here's what it brings to the game.

The Pokemon Company might have a big secret up their sleeve and there is room for the series to grow even further. Then again, maybe it's been planned from the very beginning...

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