Recent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet leaks have surfaced, revealing brand-new Pokemon, evolutions, and regional variants.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is right around the corner, and fans are gearing up for an exciting adventure. So, it’s no surprise that leaks regarding new Pokemon are starting to appear.

Fortunately, for those craving information before the game comes out, we’ve been treated to a glimpse at some brand-new Pokemon.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you were hoping to avoid any and all Pokemon spoilers, you should look away now.

What Are Flamigo & Tarountula in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Flamigo and Tarountula are two recently leaked brand-new Pokemon exclusive to the Scarlet & Violet games:

  • Flamigo: Looks exactly like a flamingo, and its name is a mix between flamingo and the word amigo, meaning “friend” in Spanish.
  • Tarountula: A spider-like Pokemon with an enormous ball of web or silk on its back. It’s likely that the name is broken up into tarantula and the word round – probably due to the round ball of silk.

These new mons were leaked by prominent Pokemon leaker Centro Leaks on Twitter.

They are yet to be confirmed by Nintendo. However, the image shown was seemingly taken directly from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

In that image, we can only see their icon in the team menu. Of course, these aren’t the only brand-new Pokemon recently revealed.

In fact, a mysterious new Pokemon was officially announced to be coming to both Scarlet & Violet and Pokemon Go.

Fuecoco Mid Evolution Leaked – Crocalor

According to images shared by Centro Leaks, the starter Pokemon Fuecoco evolves into Crocalor. It looks like Fuecoco, but slightly bigger and with a sombrero-shaped nest and egg on its head.

The name Crocalor comes from croc or crocodile and calor, which is the Spanish word for “heat”.

It is the first starter evolution we’ve seen, although, with the release date not far away, we’ll see the rest soon.

What Does Smoliv Evolve Into in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Smoliv evolves into a Pokemon called Dolliv, according to the images leaked by Centro Leaks. Dolliv is closer to the likes of Roselia than the cute olive form of Smoliv.

It has a white, bulb-like head with a leafy body and an olive sticking out of each side of its head.

The name Dolliv is likely a combination of olive and doll, matching its doll-like figure. While it isn’t confirmed whether Smoliv has a third evolution, it’s not hard to imagine what it will look like.

New Tauros Paldean Regional Variant Leaked

Recently leaked images indicate the bull-Pokemon Tauros is possibly getting a ghost-type regional Paldean form in Scarlet & Violet. In these images, the Pokemon can be seen floating midair like a ghost.

This wouldn’t be the first ghost-type announced recently either. In fact, a cute ghost dog that sucks the life out of you is coming to Scarlet & Violet too.

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