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New Pokemon Leak Surfaces Making Unexpected Claim

An obscure Pokemon leak has resurfaced making an unexpected claim, but the leaker has been right before.

Last month an online leak made a series of claims about the Pokemon Company’s plans in 2021 and 2022. But due to lack of credibility, the leak fell into obscurity and was largely ignored by the online community.

Fast-forward a few weeks and the claims deserve revisiting, as many of them turned out to be true. However, we’re still taking some with a pinch of salt, but the anonymous leaker has our attention.

The leaker in question predicted that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes would be “simple remakes.” And that they would be unlikely to replace Pokemon Sword and Shield as Game Freak’s primary focus.  

This is essentially what happened once Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl got announced. Both are classic remakes of Gen 4, something which has divided fans.

This is why one decided to remake the game’s trailer in more modern graphics.

Pokemon Mega Evolution

The leaker also predicted that a further 200 Pokemon would release in 2020. This did not come true. However, they could have meant 200 Pokemon would come to current-gen after Dexit.

Therefore, we could argue that this claim came true with the Pokemon Sword and Shield's DLC release, which brought a lot more Pokemon over to Gen 8. Although they were all older, existing Pokemon rather than new ones.

“Project Kingpin” – Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

They predicted something called ‘Project Kingpin’ would release in 2022. This may have been a code name for Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but nobody knows for sure outside of Game Freak.

It certainly fits the bill, but it’s unknown if the leaker refers to this upcoming game or something else entirely. If any Pokemon deserves the title of Kingpin – it’s Arceus.

If the leaker did mean Pokemon Legends, then their predictions are largely on the money.

Pokemon legends

New Pokemon Sword / Shield DLC?

The final claim is the most intriguing; it’s also considered the most unlikely by many. But this anonymous user did manage to tick the other boxes somewhat.

They claim that in 2021, a third Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC will release, as will three new Mythical Pokemon and the rest of the missing Dexit Pokemon.

This is where our eyebrows start to raise. While we could be wrong, we feel that Pokemon Sword and Shield has probably had all its DLC by now.

There’s certainly a possibility that more Mythicals could appear. In fact, with the introduction of Calyrex and others, this may already be the case.

nintendo switch

But we also feel like Dexit is a long way off being fully resolved. We’re confident Game Freak will fix it in time, adding the missing Pokemon to the Nintendo Switch era.

However, we think it may take a few more Pokemon titles until Dexit is over. We’ll happily be wrong if this turns out not to be the case.

Take these rumors with a hefty spoonful of ground sodium – but who knows? We may be in for some more Pokemon-related surprises in 2021.

There are also rumors of mega evolutions returning in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. We’re also keen to see how the remakes incorporate Pokemon Platinum content – particularly the game’s antagonistic Pokemon, Giratina.

If you missed out on any of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, you can catch them here. Remember , we’re also getting another Pokemon game in 2021.

You can read what the leaker said in full here.

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