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New Pokemon GO Mega & Shadow Pokemon Revealed in Datamine

A Pokemon GO datamine has revealed some new Mega and Shadow Pokemon coming to the game soon. Check it out!

Trainers already have hundreds of Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO however, they are still always excited at the prospect of more joining the game.

The latest Pokemon to join the game was Oranguru during Sustainability Week, however, more should be joining soon. While these aren’t technically completely new Pokemon, there are Mega and Shadow variants of popular Pokemon arriving in an update soon.

Check out the datamine below to find out which new Mega and Shadow Pokemon should be coming to the game soon.

But first, a new Pokemon GO update has made huge changes to Mega Evolutions!

Pokemon GO Battle

Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals First Mega Legendary, New Shadow Pokemon & More

A leak previously revealed that Mega Legendary Raids were coming to Pokemon GO and this new datamine makes it seem more likely than ever.

Reliable Pokemon GO datamining group PokeMiners has been very busy over the past few weeks. First, it revealed an upcoming Furret Walk Challenge and the next Pokemon GO event and now it has revealed more information about upcoming Pokemon variants.

Firstly, the leak reveals the two first Mega Legendaries coming to Pokemon GO. It looks like a Mega version of Latios and Latias will be arriving soon, alongside the Shadow version of Latios.

While Pokemon GO fans expected the Shadow Latios as players can get Shadow Latias in-game already, the first Mega Legendaries would be huge news!

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Pokemon GO Latias Latios

Additionally, a Mega and Shadow version of Kangaskhan has also been found in the game’s files. Niantic teased this in the Mega Evolution update trailer so won’t be a huge surprise to fans.

It’s not known when these new Mega and Shadow Pokemon will arrive in-game. However, this, alongside the upcoming Alolan Geodude Community Day gives players a lot to look forward to!

Make sure to keep an eye out for an official announcement from Niantic! This datamine isn’t confirmed yet but it seems extremely likely that we will see these new Mega and Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon GO soon!

In other news, Landorus is finally back in Raids. Check out our Landorus Therian Forme Raid guide if you need to catch this Legendary ‘Mon!

Additionally, Pokemon GO fans want an in-game Calendar feature. This would be a huge help when trying to keep track of all of the events!

Finally, the latest Pokemon GO updates have made the game way less accessible. In fact, some disabled fans are calling Pokemon GO “impossible” after the changes!

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