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New Pokemon Game Confirmed For 2021 Release

A trailer has dropped for a new Pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021. But which one will it be?

We won’t hold you in suspense, the new Pokemon game confirmed for a 2021 release is the latest iteration of Pokemon Snap.

Those hoping for confirmation of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes, also rumored to be coming this year, may have to wait a while longer.

But we fully expect to receive some more information about this soon. However, Nintendo could swerve us and release something entirely different instead.

Whatever the case, a new Pokemon Snap game is real and will release on the 30th April 2021 on the Switch.

The original Pokemon Snap was released on the N64 way back in 1999, and a sequel has been in demand ever since. Now over twenty years later, fans of Pokemon photography will get their wish.

The original game's premise was to take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitat while they went about their business. Something the traditional games don’t really show in that much detail.

For example, the trailer shows various Pokemon hanging out, cooking food, exploring, and even battling each other while in the wild.

New Pokemon Snap Game Trailer

The trailer shows a jungle region of the Pokemon world, seemingly using the same engine as Pokemon Sword and Shield. We’re unsure if this is a region we’ve been to before, but we noted many different Pokemon from various regions in the trailer.

So this could be a brand new location or part of one we’ve previously explored in an older game. The trailer also implies that the game may feature a more open-world experience than before.

This is interesting as many fans suspect Pokemon could be adopting a more open world style in future titles. The new Pokemon Snap would be a great way to test this concept.

The trailer shows the player character navigating the world in a new flying craft device. This makes sense, as in Pokemon Snap, you don’t catch and battle Pokemon.

Therefore, the craft will keep the player safe from roaming and untamed wild Pokemon Instead of a squad of 6 personal Pokemon like in the classic series.

Finally, there’s a new rather hip-looking Pokemon Professor towards the end of the trailer.

A new Pokemon Snap game isn’t a surprise; it’s been expected for quite some time if truth be told. Still, many fans hope we’ll get some more news soon, specifically regarding what new Pokemon game could be coming later in the year.

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Sadly, the Super Nintendo World theme park opening has been delayed again due to the virus. Let’s hope the new Pokemon Snap game can turn some frowns upside-down when it arrives in Spring.

Check out the official new Pokemon Snap website here. Say cheese!

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