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New PlayStation 8.00 Update Patch Notes – Brings Party Changes, New Avatars, & More

In what is possibly one of the PlayStation 4’s final updates before the launch of next-gen hardware, Sony brings new party changes, exclusive avatars, and additional parental control settings.

PlayStation 4 owners have a new system update to install, and it’s bringing some exciting new features to the console. Version 8.00 is set to launch today, worldwide.

This is one of the PS4’s final updates prior to the release of the PlayStation 5, and players should be happy with its contents. Finally, we’re getting some long-awaited changes to Party and Messaging functions.

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What’s more, Sony is expanding its avatar selection to bring more customization to PS4 accounts. And those with children will be happy to see a range of updates to parental controls too.

PS4 System Update 8.00 Patch Notes

Party and Messaging

Starting off with the Party and Messages update, the two functions will now be closely linked together. Changes in the PS4 UI will allow players to be arranged into ‘Groups’ when communicating.

This means that both Party voice chatting and message exchanges take place in the same app. Now, it’s becoming easier than ever to start Party chats, as well as sending messages to past acquaintances.

Players can also quickly “Mute all Microphones” through a new option in the Quick Menu.


New Avatars

Adding a little more variety to the PlayStation avatars selection, Sony is releasing some new icons for players to equip. A vast array of new avatars are coming in Update 8.00, from some of PS4’s biggest titles.

New avatars from recent titles like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part II are joining the roster. PlayStation fans will also find older games like Bloodborne, God of War, Journey, and Uncharted 4 getting some well-deserved representation.

Flexible Parental Controls

Parental controls have been simplified a little, making the function easier to manage. The ‘Communicating with Other Players’ and ‘Viewing Content Created by other Players’ is merging into one setting.

Younger players can now send a request for communications access to their parents directly. A child sends a game-specific request via email to their parents with a click of a button.

From this email, parents can choose to allow access to that one title, creating additional flexibility for the family.

Additional Changes

In addition, Sony has seen fit to make a few other alterations to the PS4 experience. In a new PlayStation blog, Sid Shuman, Senior Director of SIE Content Communication, reveals what else is coming.

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Firstly, the 2-Step Verification feature is getting an upgrade. Players can now use third-party authenticator apps, in addition to the current settings.

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Next up, Events are no longer available as of PS4 Update Version 8.00. This means that players won’t be able to access existing Events, nor create their own.

The Community app is similarly endangered, as no more private Communities can be created. If you’re already part of an existing Community, however, you will still be able to access it.

Finally, the PS4 Remote Play app on iOS and Android devices is getting a name-change. Now called PS Remote Play, the option to connect your phone to the upcoming PS5 will be added.

This isn’t the only exciting PS5 updates we’ve had in the last few days either. Just yesterday, Burger King revealed the PS5 start-up sound, with a new collaboration set to drop soon.

Just like the Remote Play update, a set of PS5 games and accessories are set to launch early. With so much content coming out before the console even releases, the wait for next-gen is getting hard to bear.

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