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Glitched Pay to Win Skin Makes Warzone Players Totally Invisible

A new pay to win skin is in Warzone and it’s the most broken one yet.

Warzone has loads of cosmetic items, like most free to play games. Players can buy a variety of items from gun blueprints to skins for their operators.

However, some players have been accusing the game of being pay to win. This is because some skins which players can only get buy purchasing them with real-world money are much more difficult to spot, giving paying players an advantage.

This glitched skin is the worst example of Warzone being pay-to-win yet.


New Pay to Win Skin for Grinch – Forest Spirit

Fans had previously been angered over the all-black Roze skin that made players impossible to see in darker areas of the map. However, this new skin is even more broken because it is completely invisible at certain distances.

At first glance, the skin seems fairly standard for Warzone, but in-game, a glitch makes it turn totally invisible.

The skin for the Grinch operator, called Forest Spirit, is a bit of a weird one. He is wearing the top half of a ghillie suit with a mask, but then bright blue shorts.

It’s certainly not the coolest looking skin in Warzone, but it doesn’t matter if you’re using it to become invisible. If you’d rather look the part then make sure to check out the top movie-inspired skins in Warzone.

Players have been complaining that the Forest Spirit is pay-to-win because it grants players an invisibility glitch.

Pay to win Forest Spirit skin Warzone

How to Use Invisibility Glitch in Warzone

The first step is to buy the skin, hence the pay-to-win accusations. It is sold in the COD store for 1800 CP as part of the Eloko bundle. If the bundle is not in the store, then you can check again after the store refreshes every day.

Next, you equip the skin. Instantly you’ll notice fewer people shooting at you. This is because this skin is totally broken and makes you 100% invisible in certain scenarios.

Players wearing the skin will become totally invisible to any player over 34 meters away who isn’t aiming down sights.

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Players aiming down sights at someone wearing the pay to win skin will notice that they become totally invisible at 54 meters.

Even snipers aren’t immune to this invisibility glitch as players aiming with a sniper scope also won’t be able to see the player beyond 125 meters. Not even this incredible Black Ops Cold War sniper who got a team wipe in three shots could get you.

YouTuber Scop3s_ shows the skin turn totally invisible in his new video.

Scop3s_ YouTube

Whether Raven fixes this glitch soon is another matter though, as it has bigger problems to deal with at the moment.

Hacking is the biggest problem in Warzone that needs to be fixed. YouTuber Drift0r warns that he and other content creators could quit Warzone unless cheaters are stopped soon.

In addition to pay to win skins and hackers, Warzone is still full of bugs. The infamous infinite stim glitch is back again to completely ruin games of Warzone.

This frustrating glitch that makes Warzone loadout drops totally unreachable is also annoying players. Although, at least some bugs are pretty funny like this hilarious glitch that makes players shuffle sideways in the air while parachuting.

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