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New Nintendo Switch Pro / 2 Console – Release Date, Features, Rumours And More

While nothing is confirmed, it’s becoming apparent that Nintendo are cooking something up in regard to the next Switch console. Below we’ve compiled a list of every rumour and detail; based upon all the of information that’s surfaced so far. 

We’ll also be adding our own speculation as to what we believe the new Nintendo Switch will be. Read on to learn more.

Does Nintendo Need to Keep Up with Sony/Microsoft?

The console market is a three-horse race. Although with mighty stallions like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X galloping towards us; it’s easy to forget about Nintendo’s little workhorse. But if the Nintendo Switch has shown us anything, it’s that it’s far more than a one trick pony. 

In fact, the Switch has shifted over 55 million units since it first released back in 2017. Which is an impressive figure for such a young console. What’s even more interesting, is that during the COVID-19 pandemic the console’s sales have surged to over 400%.

There are a few reasons for this; one is that the need for casual escapism – something the Switch offers above all else – is now more valuable than ever. The Switch has catered for those looking for new and fun ways to relax, especially for those who aren’t considered typical gamers.

Another reason is the success of excusive titles such as Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokémon. Games like this cannot be played anywhere else and Nintendo knows which franchises keep them in business. 

But Nintendo also know that trying to keep up with Sony and Microsoft is a fool’s errand. Instead they prioritise innovation and fun over cutting edge technology. The Nintendo Switch was never about 4K graphics, a zillion frames per second and unlimited processing power – it’s about convenience. 

That being said; nothing stops the march of progress, once the PS5 and Xbox X Series have been around for a while the Switch may start to feel dated. 4K etc, may soon just become the standard, and even portable hybrids may need to keep up. 

This was the trap the Wii U fell into when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One. Although the Switch is already leaps and bounds ahead of the Wii U. 

What We Know About The New Nintendo Switch

Here’s what we’ve gleamed about the follow up to the Nintendo Switch so far:

Confirmed Facts

Nintendo are indeed working on the console. While they’ve not explicitly stated as much, they’ve not denied it either – And logically; it just makes sense for them to be.

Although in a recent report from VGC; has confirmed that Nintendo has reached out to third-party developers to tell them to prepare for a more powerful console. Specifically, one that supports 4K. 

patent for a new version of the Joy-Con has also been reported. It seems highly likely that this is intended for Nintendo’s mysterious Switch update too.

How Would The New Nintendo Switch Facilitate 4K?

Until Nintendo explain this nobody will truly know for certain, although it may involve the Nvidia DLSS AI upscaling feature. This will allow the console to reach 4K resolution in certain circumstances, as opposed to being natively 4K.

This could work well, as it will allow the console to be played on a range of older none 4K TVs but be capable of it when needed – and perhaps when in portable mode. The PS5 and next Xbox will feature something similar for the very same reason.

Will This Be The Nintendo Switch 2?

We don’t think so. There’s still a lot of life left in the Nintendo Switch as a brand and as a concept. But then again, who knows?

Unlike the Wii U, the Switch has been a great success for Nintendo. Therefore, they are much more likely to add another member to the ‘Switch Family of Consoles’ than replace it entirely at this stage. 

It’s much more realistic for Nintendo to create a ‘Switch Pro’ model that, while not on the same level as a PS5 or Xbox Series X, offers an upgrade on the current technology. But at the same time, allows it to retain what makes the Switch special; it’s portability and versatility.

Nintendo know the Switch isn’t broken, so there’s no need to try and fix it. But remaining current and in line with modern technology is essential for its continued success in the face of increasingly high-end competition.

Nobody is expecting the upgraded Switch to be a portable PS5, that’s not what its customer base is looking for. Although the ability to take advantage of 4K, an SSD or a variety of other new features (for example; more streaming options), on the go would be welcome.

We expect the new Nintendo Switch will be fully backwards compatible because previous Nintendo console upgrades (such as the Game Boy Colour and 3DS) were. Each managed to retain the charm of what came before, while also offering something entirely new at the same time.

Name Of The Console

Nintendo could completely surprise us and go down the route of Nintendo Switch 2, but they risk making the original models outdated prematurely. Calling the console ‘The Nintendo Switch 2’ is essentially a marketing gamble which could either pay off well, or completely backfire for Nintendo.

The Wii U attempted to capitalise on the Wii brand by retaining the name and functionality of the Wii. But in reality, it was a completely different console – and should have been marketed as such. 

Not doing so caused confusion, with many thinking the Wii U was just a new Wii peripheral for a console that was already aged and fading from relevance. The Switch represented a fresh start for Nintendo, combining the best parts of the Wii and Wii U’s gimmicks – without any of the baggage or pre-conceptions.

Other suggested New Nintendo Switch names include:

  • Nintendo Switch Pro
  • Nintendo Switch 4K
  • New Nintendo Switch – They did this for the 3DS!

Or something else entirely. While we quite like Nintendo Switch Pro and believe this would communicate exactly what Nintendo wants to say, they may have something more creative planned.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the console already has a controller called the ‘Nintendo Switch Pro Controller’. Naming a console ‘Nintendo Switch Pro’ may cause problems when differentiating this from the new ‘Pro Joy-Con’.

Whatever the name ends up being we strongly believe it will still feature the term ‘Nintendo Switch’. 

When Will It Be Released?

Nintendo has been quiet about this so far. They won't go up against Sony and Microsoft this holiday season, so we can rule out seeing the new Switch in 2020. 

But come 2021 once the novelty of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has worn off, a portable games console in 4K may turn some heads. 


Recent evidence suggests that the current Nintendo Switch console is here to stay for a while, with Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa stating the console is only "halfway through its lifecycle."

This heavily indicates that the Switch 2 is not on the horizon yet. During Nintendo's recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing for the next fiscal year, the company revealed they plan on supporting the Switch through 2021 and beyond.

The report seems to support the idea that a Switch Pro will be the Switch we know, just with a few upgrades. We'll keep you updated as more information appears.

Stay tuned for a feature about upcoming Nintendo Switch games, announced, rumored, and predicted. You can also read our analysis of the confirmed PS5 accessories here.