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New Nintendo Switch Leaks In GameStop Offer

We’ve been waiting for a Nintendo Switch Pro for so long but the ‘New Nintendo Switch’ is already leaking at GameStop.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard countless rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro – a long-awaited upgrade to the Switch’s hardware.

Rumor has it, the Nintendo Switch Pro will be a 4K device, capable of holding up against next-gen consoles. The New Nintendo Switch will also be needed to play Pokemon Legends: Arceus with a big upgrade.

nintendo switch sales
(Source: Nintendo)

Now, the ‘New Nintendo Switch’ could already be leaking ahead of an upcoming E3 reveal. And, speaking of leaks, here’s everything that’s coming to Nintendo’s E3 showcase!

New Nintendo Switch Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

Although rumors suggest that a New Nintendo Switch announcement is imminent, we’re still only seeing leaks for the device.

For whatever reason, the New Nintendo Switch isn’t being announced prior to E3. Could this mean that Nintendo is saving the Switch upgrade for its E3 showcase?

Here’s how to watch Nintendo’s E3 Direct and Treehouse event!

Now though, GameStop might be the latest retailer to leak the presence of the New Nintendo Switch device. In a new trade-in promotion, the company is offering fans a way to trade in consoles towards the purchase of a New Nintendo Switch.

Mario Kart
(Source: Nintendo)

Inserting New before a product name to signify an upgrade is a classic Nintendo move. Just look at New Nintendo 3DS, New Super Mario Bros., or New Pokemon Snap.

New Nintendo Switch Pro Model

Some skeptical fans are quick to point out that perhaps GameStop’s promotion is simply referring to a New Nintendo Switch as opposed to an old, used model. However, the capitalization of New would certainly be an unusual thing to see in this context.

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There’s always the possibility that this is simply a typo on GameStop’s part. After all, no image of the New Nintendo Switch is shown.

And if that’s not enough evidence, we’ve also seen the New Nintendo Switch appear on Amazon!

New Nintendo Switch Leaks GameStop
(Source: GameStop)

But perhaps GameStop simply doesn’t have an image of the new product to reveal. Only time will tell, and leaks do suggest the New Nintendo Switch is dropping very soon.

However, there’s already a Nintendo Switch shortage coming in 2021, according to the Japanese publisher. We imagine this could be further exacerbated by the reveal of a new console reveal.

In case you missed it, a new Mario game is already dropping at E3 2021, despite Nintendo’s showcase not being for a few days.

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